Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen

19.08.13 – 03.09.13

Patrick Stewart (Prof. Charles Xavier / X-Men) & Ian McKellen (Magneto / X-Men)

Patrick Stewart Ian McKellen2

1/1 photo signed by both

Wooooow! I never thought this could actually work. I had seen a success via this address from Patrick Stewart, so I decided to try and get both actors’ autographs on one photo. I had planned that before but if there was a chance to get both of them via one play, I missed it. Not this time, though. I admire both actors and love their iconic performance in X-Men, which is really moving and can teach a lesson that it is possible to respect an enemy (or, attenuated, respect someone who has a different or opposing opinion).

I’m so happy that Patrick Stewart got his colleague to sign this photo as well 🙂

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Matt Craven

06.09.11 – 11.02.12

Matt Craven (SecNav Clayton Jarvis / NCIS & CIA Director McCone / X-Men: First Class)

2/2 signed and personalized (the second signature is barely visible. A bit better in reality than on the scan, which I brightened up)

Yes yes yes! I didn’t even know that he signed, but I really hoped for it. I like twisted characters like Jarvis in NCIS – yeah I know, by now even Equatorial Pygmies know that – and I enjoyed every encounter between him and Gibbs or Vance so far. Oh, and his conversation with Tony in 9×01 – terrific, how he made that counter-threat when Tony threatened to leave. 🙂 Of course I hope he’ll be back soon (and Scott Wolf/Casey Stratton too, another character with great potential)!

Also I liked him very much in X-Men: First Class. This stupified look when Raven changed her form 😀 Brilliant!

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Taylor Kitsch

07.08.10 – 08.11.10

Taylor Kitsch (Gambit / X-Men: Wolverine)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Though X-Men: Wolverine isn’t my favourite of the X-Men movies, I really like the character Gambit, and his abilities. So after watching this film I immediately decided to try and get Taylor Kitsch’s autograph. The first attempt wasn’t successful, though I wrote him when he used to sign everything, and quickly. It’s a pity that this role only appears in this fourth movie and not in the others. But well… perhaps one day Fox & Marvel wanna exploit this character also in an extra movie. I’d watch it 😀

I already added the full scan to the Other Movies section.