autographs since May: Alexander Ludwig, Eddie Redmayne, Eleanor Tomlinson, Howard Shore, Lara Pulver, Louise Brealey

I got a few autographs via mail since May, also I bought a few, and then there was a bunch of LotR autographs I purchased in December/January, which I never posted. So I’m just gonna post the signatures now. I uploaded everything on the respective pages.

First the autographs I got via mail, in alphabetical order:

Alexander Ludwig (Cato / Hunger Games)

Alexander Ludwig

Eddie Redmayne (Marius / Les Míserables –> see “Musicals”)

Eddie Redmayne Eddie Redmayne2

Eleanor Tomlinson (Demelza / Poldark –> see “Other TV shows”)

Eleanor Tomlinson Eleanor Tomlinson2 Eleanor Tomlinson3

Howard Shore [composer / LotR & Hobbit]


Howard Shore Howard Shore2

Lara Pulver (Isabella / Robin Hood –> see “Other TV shows” & Irene Adler / Sherlock)

Lara Pulver Lara Pulver2 Lara Pulver3

Louise Brealey (Molly Hooper / Sherlock)

Louise Brealey Louise Brealey2 Louise Brealey3


Then the ones I bought recently:

Ben Mitchell (Narzug / Hobbit)

Ben Mitchell

Brian Yang (Charlie Fong / Hawaii Five-0)

Brian Yang

Mary Nesbitt (Tilda / Hobbit)

Mary Nesbitt

Peggy Nesbitt (Sigrid / Hobbit)

Peggy Nesbitt

Pierfrancesco Favino (General Glozelle / Narnia)

Pierfrancesco Favino

Sean Astin (Sam / LotR)

Sean Astin


And just a few of the 19 LotR autographs I purchased early this year:

Calum Gittins (Haleth, son of Hama)

Calum Gittins

Ian Hughes (Irolas)

Ian Hughes

John Howe

John Howe

Sam Comery (Éothain)

Sam Comery

Mark Gatiss

The third autograph I got in May: Mark Gatiss! I didn’t expect to get this back, since the play ended in February, but I’m allthemore happy that I did. I just love “his” Mycroft!

Mark Gatiss Mark Gatiss2

Rupert Graves

28.04.13 – 07.06.13

Rupert Graves (DI Lestrade / Sherlock & Robert Greville / The Madness of King George)

Rupert Graves Rupert Graves2 Rupert Graves3

3/3 photos signed and personalized

Yay, another Sherlock success! I had already ordered the two Sherlock photos, when I recorded and watched “The Madness of King George” and there was this young fella in that movie, the character I liked best. I immediately thought: “Wait, I know this guy… how do I know this guy?” and it turned out to be Lestrade! I mean, Rupert Graves of course. Which explained why I liked him so much, because I really like his acting in Sherlock, and apparently in general 😉

So I looked for another photo, from that movie and since I couldn’t decide which Lestrade photo I wanted signed more eagerly, I sent both plus the new one. He kindly signed and personalized all three 🙂

As promised I created a new subpage for Sherlock now. Password’s the same as for the other subpages. Added all three scans, plus my other Sherlock successes, in this new section (Other movies -> Sherlock).

Una Stubbs

02.05.13 – 23.05.13

Una Stubbs (Mrs. Hudson / Sherlock)

Una Stubbs Una Stubbs2

2/2 photos signed, one of them personalized

What a quick success from the lovely Una Stubbs, who plays Sherlock’s landlady Mrs. Hudson in the BBC series Sherlock. Mrs. Hudson is such an endearing character in this show, so cool how she handles Sherlock and she’s one of the few people Sherlock actually likes and cares for. One of my favourite scenes is when she emphasises that she is not his housekeeper in the first episode, or when she discovers the thumbs in the refrigerator, or the bullet hole-smiley in the wall 😀 Her appearances are mostly quite short, but so funny. I’m looking forward to seeing (hopefully) a lot of her in the third season.It’s my second “official” Sherlock autograph and I’m very pleased about this 🙂

Added the full scan to the Other TV shows section. I guess with my next Sherlock success I’ll create a new subpage. Hopefully soon.

Andrew Scott

22.03.13 – 08.04.13

Andrew Scott (Jim Moriarty / Sherlock)

Andrew Scott Andrew Scott2 Andrew Scott3

3/3 photos signed, 2 of them personalized

My first “official” Sherlock success. The second in total, because far-sighted as I am (okay that’s not true, it was just one of the photos I liked very much) I sent to Martin Freeman a photo from Sherlock, long before I first watched it. But now I do and I totally totally love it – if I haven’t mentioned it yet: For me it’s the (series) discovery of the year. And Jim Moriarty was simply great! I can’t say it’s the best bad guy on TV ever because Sylar (Zachary Quinto/Heroes) got ahold of this title and won’t let it go so easily. But Andrew Scott’s Moriarty is brilliant as well. I’ll be sad if we don’t see him anymore (I really can’t see how he could have faked that).So I’m very happy that I got his autographs, and quickly as well! 🙂

Added the full scans to the Other TV shows section. I’ll maybe create a Sherlock section eventually, but for that more Sherlock successes should drop in first.

Martin Freeman

10.06.11 – 27.09.11

Martin Freeman (Bilbo / The Hobbit)

3/3 photos signed & personalized

Wow! What a month! I rarely got so many successes in one month before. And today one autograph I surely had hoped for. Martin Freeman, who played a small but funny part in “Love actually” (the only romance movie I, like… or love, actually 😉 ). But of course I also & mainly wrote to him because of his role as Bilbo Baggins in the upcoming Hobbit movies. Awesome that I got his signature now, although I kinda regret that I didn’t wait for Hobbit promo photos before I sent to him. Whatever! I’m so happy about this success! Maybe I’ll send to him again later, when there’s another promo pic of him as Bilbo, maybe not. The ones I don’t have sure have priority now. 🙂

I added the full scans of the photos to the Hobbit section.