Sam Troughton


Sam Troughton (Much / Robin Hood)

Sam Troughton


This was a nice extra that I bought when I purchased another autograph from the same store. I had sent him a letter without getting a response when he did a play last year, so I decided to buy this now for very little money and save the time and money of sending him another letter. I really liked his role in the Robin Hood series.

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Holliday Grainger

22.02.12 – 29.08.12

Holliday Grainger (Sophia / Merlin & Meg / Robin Hood)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

As you can see on the first photo, you see almost nothing. I was very glad when I learned that I had gotten her autograph, because she was great in “Merlin” and “Robin Hood”. I had seen her earlier this year on the Berlinale, but missed the chance to get her autograph back then, because I didn’t realize quick enough who she was. So when I got home I immediately wrote her 😉

Now I guess I’ll send her another letter, because as you can see, her signature on the Merlin photo was smudged and has already entirely faded away, which is too bad, because I mainly send her because of her appearance in Merlin and only chose the Borgias photo as a “filler”. I didn’t know the Robin Hood series back then. So I’ll probably use this slightly unfortunate success as an excuse to send another Merlin photo and one from Robin Hood. But of course I’m glad to have her signature after all.

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Russell Crowe

06.03.12 – 14.06.12

Russell Crowe (Maximus / Gladiator)

1/2 photos signed and personalized

Wwwooooooowww! I didn’t think I would get anything back, especially not from him (more probable from Helena Bonham Carter), but since Gladiator was one of the first movies – if not the first movie ever – that I really loved, and still love, and I liked his performance in Gladiator II… uhm… I mean in Robin Hood too, so I had to try. It’s so awesome to have his autograph now.

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Harry Lloyd

30.04.12 – 30.05.12

Harry Lloyd (Will Scarlett / Robin Hood)

3/3 photos signed, one of them personalized

I’m too tired to write anything, so I’m just gonna post my three newest successes.

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Oscar Isaac

31.01.12 – 20.04.12

Oscar Isaac (Joseph / The Nativity Story & Orestes / Agora & Prince John / Robin Hood)

2/3 photos signed and personalized

I enjoyed his acting in all three movies very much. He’s a very talented actor and I’m pretty sure he’ll get interesting and big roles in the future. While I wasn’t really impressed by Keisha Castle-Hughes’ performance in the Nativity Story, I liked his a lot. And he was great as Prince John in Robin Hood – his role seemed really twisted 😉 Too bad that he didn’t sign the Prince John photo too. Oh well, I’m still happy enough about this success 🙂

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Alan Rickman

04.10.10 – 28.10.10

Alan Rickman (Severus Snape / Harry Potter)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Hurraaay! Another one of my favourite HP roles and in my opionion one of the best actors nowadays. I also like Alan’s performances in Robin Hood, Sweeney Todd and Love… actually. So that’s one huge success! Though I’d have loved an autograph on an HP picture, but I didn’t dare to send one, because he usually ignores those requests. It’s so cool that he used a silver pen for the darker photo. Love this autograph! 🙂

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