Eric Christian Olsen

? – 11.05.13

Eric Christian Olsen (Det. Marty Deeks / NCIS: LA)

Eric Christian Olsen

got a promo photo, signed and personalized – thank you, Danielle. I think this may have been that attempt where you sent off my letter for me, when I suspected that my previous requests from Germany got lost on their way)

Wow! Really, wow! I had given up on him a while ago, after I had tried to get his autograph five times between 2010 and early 2012. Not totally, I think I would have tried one more time when the new season would start, but I really did not have many hopes, especially not for the letters I already sent. So I was very surprised when I saw this big orange envelope – I usually send small photos and envelopes, and there aren’t any envelopes of this color here in Germany -, not my handwriting on it, and no stamp which would indicate from where it came. So when I peeked into the envelope, I couldn’t believe what I saw (and I must have looked really bewildered, my mum even asked what was the matter) 😀

I kinda liked Eric’s role in NCISLA from the first episode on, and though he’s a bit too much like Tony sometimes, too clownish, he’s at least a bit normal. A person like you and I, so to speak, not always-right-super-hero as the other two men on the team.

Which brings me to admit, that I haven’t watched NCISLA anymore since midseason… maybe now I’ll give it another try 🙂 In any case, it’s awesome to finally have obtained this Most Wanted autograph!

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Liisa Evastina


Liisa Evastina (Alina Rostoff / NCIS & NCISLA)

1 photo signed and personalized

At the beginning of the week I got a very nice repsonse from Liisa Evastina, who plays Alina Rostoff in the NCIS episode “Legend” and later in NCIS:LA “Pushback”. Like probably most people after the first ep I thought Alina was somehow involved in the shooting of Callen, and I was surprised that she tried to warn him – and that she turned out to be his foster sister. It’s too bad that then it was already too late for her. I’d have loved to see the two of them catch up and maybe become a family again.

Thank you @Liisa for sending me this signed photo 🙂

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Miguel Ferrer

?.03/04.12 – 24.04.12

Miguel Ferrer (Assistant Director Owen Granger / NCISLA)

2/2 photos signed

Yay again! No, I’m not gonna repeat, that I like unpleasant characters, especially in NCIS/LA. I enjoyed his pretty annoying appearances as Owen Granger, the Assistant Director with his own agenda – but then again, this mystery has been solved, and he’s one of the good guys now. More or less at least. I hope, though, that Granger will continue to be a pain in the ass for the team (I’m assuming Lauren Hunter will be killed in the finale, not Granger – I certainly hope, neither of them, but the three characters that I’d prefer to get killed, won’t be. Ever.).

Anyways, as long as the role’s alive, I’d like him to be as annoying as possible 😀

PS: I have no idea when I sent the request… but it can’t have been long ago. I’m guessing end of March/early April.

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Liane Balaban

05.10.10 – 17.03.12

Liane Balaban (Emma Mastin – NCIS: Los Angeles)

2/2 photos signed, both personalized, one with a spelling mistake though.

Wow, that’s the third success this year for a letter from 2010. Good to know that there’s still a small chance, despite the postage raises. I didn’t expect to get that one back, and – don’t take me wrong – I’m very glad that I got those autographs, but I now wish I had sent different photos. I don’t even know why I send the second one, when I already had a nice screenshot of her actual role in NCIS:LA. Too bad that the spelling mistake in the dedication is on the photo I like better.

Oh well, it’s a beginning 😀 Maybe if I win the lottery one day or have a spare canadian stamp, I send another request with the NCISLA photo *makes a note that she has to look for a photo from her role in Numb3rs too, that would be killing two birds with one stone (or rather two flies, I don’t wanna kill any birds ;D)

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David Dayan Fisher

01.07.11 – 02.02.12

David Dayan Fisher (Trent Kort / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Yeah! I guess Trent Kort is the most ambivalent and unpleasant character in NCIS, but one of the best! One can’t actually like his personality (how did Tony express it? “Tell you what, what you can do is run downstairs to the gift shop, get yourself something nice, like a mug or a T-shirt or a personality”) – but he’s an enrichment to every episode he appears 🙂

I hope we’ll see him again soon on the show, and I daresay we will. I sent those photos to the NCIS set, usually that means he’ll be in one of the next airing episodes (as were Rena Sofer, Diane Neal and Joe Spano, shortly after I got their autographs).

The second photo is from National Treasure I, where he played… guess what. Right, a villain. Those roles are perfect for him!

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Eli Danker

22.06.11 – 14.07.11

Eli Danker
(Mossad Officer Michael Bashan / NCIS & Karim Akbari / NCIS: LA)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Yey! Another dry spell ending! I only hope that now the autographs come more regularly again. I hate dry spells. So thanks to Eli Danker, who played the stern Mossad Officer in the NCIS episode “Shalom” and the bad guy Karim Akbari in the NCIS: LA episode “Callen, G.”. I think the inscriptions are really kind! A nice addition to my “Mossad Officer” collection, which only lacks Arnold Vosloo and Eyal Podell now (the latter of whom I wrote to, too, recently).

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Renée Felice Smith

26.10.10 – 05.01.11

Renée Felice Smith (Nell Jones / NCIS: LA)

3/3 photos signed and personalized & a letter

That’s really a great start in 2011. First this amazing gift, now the first TTM success. I really like Nell in NCIS: LA season 2, though I hope that she won’t replace Eric one day. She’s so spirited and funny, a perfect complement to Eric. And Renée is really kind and sweet. On the one hand this funny dedication “to the real Nele ❤ the TV Nell!” (I wrote her, that my nickname is Nell, since I was in Spain and the Spanish weren’t able to say Ne-le but called me Nell instead), on the other hand she wrote a long and very lovely letter! A very kind person!

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Adam Jamal Craig, Ronald Auguste, Muse Watson

04.01.11 (23-26.09.10)

Adam Jamal Craig (Dominic Vaile / NCIS: LA)
Ronald Auguste (Mowadh “Moe” Dusa / NCIS: LA)
Muse Watson (Mike Franks / NCIS)
Pancho Demmings (Gerald Jackson / NCIS)
Rudolf Martin (Ari Haswari / NCIS)
Doug Reilly [graphic designer / NCIS]
Melissa Adlof [production assistant / NCIS]
Michael Devine [NCIS special agent]

Awwwwww!!! Two days ago I received this multisigned sheet as a (belated) christmas gift from my dear friend Vicky ( 😉 ). She was at the NCIS FanFest 2010 and collected a couple of autographs for me, among them three signatures I had partially tried to get but without success: Adam Jamal Craig, Ronald Auguste and Muse Watson. From Adam Jamal Craig I got two RTSs so far, so it is sooo cool that I got his autograph now. Now I have the entire NCIS: LA season 1 main cast. For Ronald Auguste I just hadn’t found any autograph address, so I hadn’t tried so far and Muse Watson… well, since he wants money for an autograph via mail and since I can’t stand his role in NCIS, I wouldn’t have written to him but of course it’s a great addition for my collection, too.

Rudolf’s and Pancho’s autographs I already had, but it’s cool to have them also on that multi-signed sheet. And Doug Reilly, graphic designer of NCIS, Melissa Adlof, production assistant, and Michael Devine, a real NCIS special agent, are a neat addition!

Thanks, Vicky!! null

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Adetomiwa Edun

03.12.10 – 29.12.10

Adetomiwa Edun (Elyan / Merlin)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

After “Primeval” the show “Merlin” was the second british TV series I’m a fan of. Sure, the special effects are sometimes a little bit weak, but they have great characters. And Merlin’s a terrifically funny interpretation of the old legend. One of the best jokes is without any doubt the choice to cast Adetomiwa for the role of Elyan – whose full name is Elyan the White (or Helyan le Blanc). Thumbs up for that! 😀 He acted very well and I immediately liked him after his appearance in “The Castle of Fyrien”. Thankfully Elyan survived… according to the legend he helps rescue Guinevre after the revelation of her affair with Lancelot… but since I hope that they won’t let this affair happen in the show (I’d like the idea that Morgana returns, takes Gwen’s shape to fool Arthur, but that in the end everything’s gonna be alright!), hopefully he plays another important role.

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Short note: I got back a RTS from Adam Jamal Craig, and an AP from Orlando Bloom. I expected the AP, but nonetheless, it’s a pity! Here’s the AP:

Jürgen Prochnow

29.11.10 – 23.12.10

Jürgen Prochnow (Matthias / NCIS: Los Angeles)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

What a cool last minute pre-christmas surprise. I sent him a request after seeing him in the NCIS: LA episodes “Absolution” and “Deliverance” and before I realized that I had also seen his performance in “Esther”. There he played very well the king’s advisor Haman. In NCIS: LA he had a great interaction with Hetty and the last scene, when the team threatened him, was perfect.

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Pauley Perrette

09/10? – 16.12.10

Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto / NCIS)

1 photo signed & personalized

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod…. *tilt*
Now I officially have the entire main cast’s autograph, lacking only Lauren Holly’s signature. What an awesome pre-christmas gift!! I guess I repeated often enough that Pauley’s autograph was my most wanted and I tried to get it sooooo often. Pauley’s one of the most talented actresses that I know and her role in NCIS is just *epic*! NCIS without Abby would be very sad! I so hope she’ll be there up until the end of this show.
So within a half week I just got my three Top 3 most wanted… What am I gonna do now?! 😮 Now… now my thoughts are turning in circles, so I’m just gonna post it!
❤ ❤ ❤

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Rocky Carroll

09/10? – 16.12.10

Rocky Carroll (Leon Vance / NCIS)

1 photo signed & personalized

I didn’t expect this year to get even better. I really thought that I’d have to carry these Most Wanted autograph wishes into 2011 – but no! I have no idea what to write… except that I wanted Rocky’s autograph even more since I watched Enemies Domestic (8×09) where his performance was really outstanding, the best so far. Everything else I’ll write in the other post. *stunned*

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Brian Avers

16.07.10 – 13.08.10

Brian Avers (Special Agent Mike Renko / NCIS: LA)

2/2 photos signed and personalized + a long letter

After two unsuccessful attempts my letter finally got through and today I received the long awaited answer. But I didn’t expect this: Brian not only signed the two photos I sent him, but also answered all my questions in an almost 1 1/2 pages typed letter. I’m stunned. It’s amazing if an actor takes the time to reply to a fan. By the way, the inscription of one of the autographs is really sweet (you can see it on the full scan): “For Nele, my #1 German Fan!” Thanks a lot, Brian! 🙂

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Louise Lombard


Louise Lombard (Lara Macy / NCIS)

1 trading card, bought from a dealer

Well, I told you, I had purchased an autograph. Here it is. Though I tried various addresses of Louise Lombard only recently, I don’t have much hope for these requests, so I decided to buy this signed trading card. I totally adore her in the two pilot episodes of NCIS: LA and in Hidalgo. She’s so perfect in playing an arrogant character! 😀

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Chris O’Donnell & LL Cool J

26.07.09 – 14.07.10

Chris O’Donnell & LL Cool J (G. Callen & Sam Hanna / NCIS: LA)

one 8×10 photo signed by both actors

And the dry spell ends not only with one autograph but also with a second one – though I’m not sure whether it’s a success or not. I have seen it only via webcam and couldn’t make out if it’s an authentic signature or a preprint.

It’s an official photo by CBS, so I guess it’s a PP. Howsoever, it must be the answer for my request almost a year ago, when I sent to CBS asking for a cast autograph, because I haven’t sent a similar request since. I’ll tell you if it’s authentic, when I hold it in my own hands.

Update: it’s authentic, no PP!