Una Stubbs

02.05.13 – 23.05.13

Una Stubbs (Mrs. Hudson / Sherlock)

Una Stubbs Una Stubbs2

2/2 photos signed, one of them personalized

What a quick success from the lovely Una Stubbs, who plays Sherlock’s landlady Mrs. Hudson in the BBC series Sherlock. Mrs. Hudson is such an endearing character in this show, so cool how she handles Sherlock and she’s one of the few people Sherlock actually likes and cares for. One of my favourite scenes is when she emphasises that she is not his housekeeper in the first episode, or when she discovers the thumbs in the refrigerator, or the bullet hole-smiley in the wall 😀 Her appearances are mostly quite short, but so funny. I’m looking forward to seeing (hopefully) a lot of her in the third season.It’s my second “official” Sherlock autograph and I’m very pleased about this 🙂

Added the full scan to the Other TV shows section. I guess with my next Sherlock success I’ll create a new subpage. Hopefully soon.