George Blagden & Scott Bakula

I got two more autographs today, one from the fabulous George Blagden, who plays Graintaire in the Les Miserables movie – and Athelstan in Vikings (which I just started watching, so I’ll have to write him again eventually). And the other one from Scott Bakula, Dwayne Pride in NCIS: NOLA, and of course Jonathan Archer in Star Trek: Enterprise – which I haven’t started watching yet but certainly will and I’ll probably want his autograph on a photo from ST too, so I sent two from NCIS and one from ST, and he kindly signed all of them 🙂

George Blagden

George Blagden George Blagden2

Scott Bakula

Scott Bakula Scott Bakula2 Scott Bakula3

autographs since May: Alexander Ludwig, Eddie Redmayne, Eleanor Tomlinson, Howard Shore, Lara Pulver, Louise Brealey

I got a few autographs via mail since May, also I bought a few, and then there was a bunch of LotR autographs I purchased in December/January, which I never posted. So I’m just gonna post the signatures now. I uploaded everything on the respective pages.

First the autographs I got via mail, in alphabetical order:

Alexander Ludwig (Cato / Hunger Games)

Alexander Ludwig

Eddie Redmayne (Marius / Les Míserables –> see “Musicals”)

Eddie Redmayne Eddie Redmayne2

Eleanor Tomlinson (Demelza / Poldark –> see “Other TV shows”)

Eleanor Tomlinson Eleanor Tomlinson2 Eleanor Tomlinson3

Howard Shore [composer / LotR & Hobbit]


Howard Shore Howard Shore2

Lara Pulver (Isabella / Robin Hood –> see “Other TV shows” & Irene Adler / Sherlock)

Lara Pulver Lara Pulver2 Lara Pulver3

Louise Brealey (Molly Hooper / Sherlock)

Louise Brealey Louise Brealey2 Louise Brealey3


Then the ones I bought recently:

Ben Mitchell (Narzug / Hobbit)

Ben Mitchell

Brian Yang (Charlie Fong / Hawaii Five-0)

Brian Yang

Mary Nesbitt (Tilda / Hobbit)

Mary Nesbitt

Peggy Nesbitt (Sigrid / Hobbit)

Peggy Nesbitt

Pierfrancesco Favino (General Glozelle / Narnia)

Pierfrancesco Favino

Sean Astin (Sam / LotR)

Sean Astin


And just a few of the 19 LotR autographs I purchased early this year:

Calum Gittins (Haleth, son of Hama)

Calum Gittins

Ian Hughes (Irolas)

Ian Hughes

John Howe

John Howe

Sam Comery (Éothain)

Sam Comery

Killian Donnelly

I sent a few letters to British actors while I was in London and got the first response today:

Killian Donnelly, who plays Courfeyrac in the 25th anniversary of Les Miserables (at Royal Albert Hall), and Combeferre in the Les Mis movie.

Killian Donnelly Killian Donnelly2

Thank you very much 🙂

Ramin Karimloo

25.01.13 – 18.04.13

Ramin Karimloo (Phantom / Phantom of the Opera 25th anniversary & Enjolras / Les Misérables 25th anniversay)

Ramin Karimloo Ramin Karimloo2

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Wooohoo! Ramin is currently my favourite musical singer, being in the 25th anniversaries of both PotO and Les Mis. He has a wonderful and unique voice and I hope he’ll do another recording soon because I can’t get enough of him 😉

Added the full scans in the Other Movies section (maybe I should create a Musical section… four autographs would be a good start, wouldn’t they? I’ll think about it. – edit: oh, it’s actually 6… okay, that’s convincing)

Samantha Barks

28.01.13 – 23.02.13

Samantha Barks (Éponine / Les Misérables 25th anniversary & movie)

Samantha Barks

1/2 photos signed and personalized

What a perfect timing! After complaning that the movie only gets released just now in Germany, while it already runs for two months in other countries, I just got my ticket for Monday. Finally gonna watch the movie! And a few minutes later the mailman came, and I only saw a stamp from the UK. I thought that it’s be funny if this was a response from Samantha – although there was nothing on the envelope to indicate that and I had sent quite a few letters to the UK recently. When I opened the envelope it made me smile. Indeed it was Samantha Barks. She has a beautiful signature.

I loved her performance in the 25th stage anniversary of Les Misérables. Éponine is the role I vicariously suffer the most with during the musical, and Samantha did a wonderful job in the stage version, and also in the few scenes of the movie one could see in the trailer. I’m really happy that she answered 🙂

Added the full scan to the Other movies page.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, James Franco, Hugh Jackman


Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Arthur / Inception), James Franco (Oz / Oz), Hugh Jackman (Jean Valjean / Les Misérables)

Joseph Gordon Levitt James Franco Hugh Jackman

collected in person

Okay, considering I got these three autographs, my trip to the Berlinale wasn’t a complete waste of time, as I posted elsewhere, but I was pretty frustrated for reasons I won’t discuss here – and no, that I missed quite a few of actors of whom I really wanted to have autographs, wasn’t the main reason.

But now, with a few days having passed since this not so pleasant experience, I feel more content about these three autographs I managed to get. My favourite is certainly Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s, who seems to be such a nice person!

I added the full scans to the Other movies section.