Brendan Gleeson

04.10.13 – 12.12.13

Brendan Gleeson (Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody / HP, Reynald de Chatillon / Kingdom of Heaven, Menelaos / Troy)

Brendan Gleeson Brendan Gleeson2 Brendan Gleeson3

3/3 photos signed and personalized

Yay! After writing him back in 2009 I waited quite a while before I tried again. He’s a great actor! I don’t know whether I only know his “mad” roles by chance or if he mostly does mad roles, but any way, in HP, Troy and Kingdom of Heaven he does a brilliant job!

I added the full scans to the Harry Potter section and to the Other movies section

Alexander Siddig

24.04.08 (!) – 22.12.12

Alexander Siddig (Hannibal / Hannibal)

Alexander Siddig Alexander Siddig2

2/2 photos signed, 1 of them personalized

If the last autograph took a long time, then so did this! I sent him the request after watching the movie Hannibal. Obviously I didn’t expect this to come back anymore, but the funny thing is, after all this time I just last week ordered new photos of him, to try again. I’d send him a photo of his role in Merlin now, and probably Kingdom of Heaven? I have seen him in different roles now (KoH, Merlin, also Last Legion, Reign of Fire and the Nativity Story, but pics of the first two would be more important to me. I really enjoyed his performances there. Well, I’ll see, maybe I’ll send another request eventually, but it moved down my priority list 😉

Added both scans to the Other movies page.

found another Marton Csokas autograph

Oh!! Going through the small pile of autographs not yet put away, I just found another autograph from Marton Csokas. Got his autograph in February and thought that he’d signed 2/3, but actually he did sign all of them. 🙂

Added the full scan of the Xena collage autograph to the Other TV shows section.

Marton Csokas

05.11.10 – 11.02.11

Marton Csokas (Celeborn / LotR, Guy de Lusignan / Kingdom of Heaven)

2/3 photos signed and personalized (I sent 3 but asked him to choose because I really couldn’t)

Wow! I got this autograph yesterday already but opened it only today after I had an exam and gave a demonstration lesson, as a reward so to speak. I was extremely surprised when I saw these autographs, because Marton Csokas seems to be a fairly rare signer. I like him in LotR of course, in Kingdom of Heaven and Timeline. In my opinion he’s a terrific “bad guy” on TV. His looks (and of course the rest of his performance) in KoH and Timeline are just great! Seriously hope that he’ll make at least a short appearance in the Hobbit!

I already added the full scan on the Celeborn photo to the Lord of the Rings section and the other (on a collage of Guy de Lusignan pics) in the “Other Movies” section.