Ken Stott

08.08.11 – 06.09.11

Ken Stott (Balin / The Hobbit & Marius Honorius / King Arthur & Badger / Narnia: PC)

3/3 photos signed.

Okay, double fail by me, regarding this success. 1st: Yesterday a fellow collector posted a success from Stephen Fry, to whom I had also written, and when a letter from New Zealand came, I boastfully told them (before opening the mail) that I knew exactly from whom this autograph was: Stephen Fry. Haha! Obviously, it wasn’t him but Ken Stott – that was kinda funny. And 2nd: Why the hell didn’t I send him a photo from King Arthur, one of my favourite movies? I know that I looked for photos of his animated role in the Chronicles of Narnia, but apparently I didn’t search for photos of Marius Honorius, because when I googled yesterday, that was one of the first photos that appeared. That kinda bugs me, perhaps I’m gonna send another request. But not in the next weeks, maybe shortly before “The Hobbit” gets released. We’ll see. But of course I’m very happy about this success!

I already added the full scans to the Hobbit section (you find it by putting the cursor on the Lord of the Rings section – password is the same as for the other subpages).

Ray Stevenson

20.08.10 – 23.10.10

Ray Stevenson (Dagonet / King Arthur)

2/2 photos signed

As I announced in the Gil Birmingham post I also got an autograph from Ray Stevenson, who plays Dagonet in “King Arthur”, the first of Arthur’s knights who dies in their last task. Mr. Stevenson also personalized the autographs but apparently misread my name, so he personalized it to “Nick”, not to “Nele”. But now I managed to remove the dedication, so, here it is 🙂

I already added the full scan to the Other Movies section.

Mads Mikkelsen

30.08.10 – 04.10.10

Mads Mikkelsen (Tristam / King Arthur)

3/3 photos signed and personalized

Wow, I totally didn’t expect this. I had tried to get his autograph via the Clash of the Titans set before, but unsuccessfully. Now, how cool is that. I really couldn’t decide which two of these photos I like most, so I sent all three and asked him to choose. He didn’t.
I loved his performance in King Arthur; his role Tristam was my favourite; he was so different from the other knights and I liked his way of fighting. Right now I don’t know why I still haven’t watched the Clash of the Titans, since this movie was first standing on top of my “must watch in 2010” list and then on top of the “have to buy the DVD as soon as it comes out” list. And I still don’t have it. That has to change! *runs off to a well-known internet auction platform*
Oh well, I’m very happy about this success and I’m totally looking forward to his new movie, the Three Musketeers.

I already added the full scan to the Other Movies section.