Andrew Scott

22.03.13 – 08.04.13

Andrew Scott (Jim Moriarty / Sherlock)

Andrew Scott Andrew Scott2 Andrew Scott3

3/3 photos signed, 2 of them personalized

My first “official” Sherlock success. The second in total, because far-sighted as I am (okay that’s not true, it was just one of the photos I liked very much) I sent to Martin Freeman a photo from Sherlock, long before I first watched it. But now I do and I totally totally love it – if I haven’t mentioned it yet: For me it’s the (series) discovery of the year. And Jim Moriarty was simply great! I can’t say it’s the best bad guy on TV ever because Sylar (Zachary Quinto/Heroes) got ahold of this title and won’t let it go so easily. But Andrew Scott’s Moriarty is brilliant as well. I’ll be sad if we don’t see him anymore (I really can’t see how he could have faked that).So I’m very happy that I got his autographs, and quickly as well! 🙂

Added the full scans to the Other TV shows section. I’ll maybe create a Sherlock section eventually, but for that more Sherlock successes should drop in first.