Jaime Ray Newman

24. & 25.05.12 – 14.07.12

Jaime Ray Newman (Chaplain Burke / NCIS)



3/3 and 2/2 photos signed

Well… first comes nothing and then two responses at once. I sent two letters to her via a film in Germany. First I wrote to the production company and later that same day a friend told me the actual film studio address. Since I didn’t know if the letter via the prod. company would reach her, I sent another letter the day after. Unfortunately I sent two of the photos from the first letter again, so I have 5 autographs now but only on 3 different photos. 😀 But of course that’s waaaay better than nothing! Especially because I loooved her role in NCIS, and how Chaplain Burke handled Gibbs and Tony, and the grieving and anxious father (but above all, Gibbs), and she immediately got on my most wanted list. I really hope she’ll be back on NCIS eventually.

Until then: Yaaaaaay! Very happy! 🙂

I added the full scans to the NCIS section.