TJ Thyne

? – 02.09.12

TJ Thyne (Dr. Jack Hodgins / Bones)

After the big surprise only 2 weeks before this, now I got an even bigger one: Another signed photo from TJ Thyne, and another script, of the episode “The End in the Beginning”, signed by him. I really do no know to what I owe this surprise, maybe his assistant wasn’t sure if he had already sent me something, but I certainly delight in that. 🙂

Maybe it was to remind me to finally start watching Bones again 😀

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TJ Thyne

? – 16.08.12

TJ Thyne (Dr. Jack Hodgins / Bones)

sent an email request, received a signed Bones promo photo and a script of “Mummy in the Maze”, signed by him

This is certainly a big surprise! I knew that he kindly replied email requests, but I didn’t expect this “little light reading” 😀 which I’ll definitively enjoy! Hodgins is one of my favourite roles in Bones – and I take this success and the one I’ll post next as a broad hint to resume watching Bones 😉

I stopped when they took a break because of Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy. But now I’ll watch the second half of season 7 soon! 🙂

PS: I very much enjoyed his short appearance in NCIS, too!

Added the full scan to the Other TV shows section.