Viggo Mortensen

06.11.11 – 24.11.11

Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn / LotR & Frank Hopkins / Hidalgo)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Squeeeeeee! After the disappointment of the last “success” – Rachelle Lefevre’s autograph probably being a secretarial – I soundlessly squealed when I saw this envelope; I had added a C6/C5 envelope since I had run out of my usual C6 envelopes, so I immediately recognized it, plus, it was the only recent one with spanish stamps. Although two fellow collectors had already gotten their pictures back signed, I was so anxious… what if he hadn’t signed my pictures… Ripped the envelope open and then squealed even louder (still soundless, but… you get it. :D).

When the movies came out, I didn’t really like Aragorn (though it’s not Viggo’s fault, he did a great job, I just didn’t fancy the role – now Aragorn still isn’t my favourite in the movies, but I appreciate the acting even more); then in Hidalgo, he was amazing! I’m soooo glad to be able to add his autograph to my collection! ❤

I added one full scan (of the LotR pic) to the Lord of the Rings section, and other one (photo from Hidalgo) to “Other movies”.


Louise Lombard


Louise Lombard (Lara Macy / NCIS)

1 trading card, bought from a dealer

Well, I told you, I had purchased an autograph. Here it is. Though I tried various addresses of Louise Lombard only recently, I don’t have much hope for these requests, so I decided to buy this signed trading card. I totally adore her in the two pilot episodes of NCIS: LA and in Hidalgo. She’s so perfect in playing an arrogant character! 😀

I already added the full scan to the NCIS section.