Mercedes Masöhn

27.10.12 – 20/21.11.12

Mercedes Masöhn (Heather Kincaid – NCIS & Isabel Zampada – The Finder)

2/2 photos signed [or rather, accidentally 3… see below *;)] with lovely notes on the backsides

I’m very happy about this reply. I had already planned to send her earlier, when she appeared on NCIS, but then I forgot. Then I wanted to write her when she participated in the new series The Finder. I’m so glad she joined this show, I loved the chemistry between Walter and her role US Marshall Isabel Zampada. I got to love the show pretty quick after giving it a try although the pilot episode didn’t convince me. It’s such a pity that Fox cancelled the show without giving it a chance to develope. Instead they left us hanging with such a season ending x.X

Well, then it was too late to send her a letter via this set, so I waited and recently saw this opportunity. And then I made this embarrassing mistake not to check the envelope properly. I already wondered where the pic of Lee Pace as Thranduil had ended up, but I only thought I misplaced it somewhere in my room. Now I know, where it was *lol* It must have stuck to the backside of one of the two photos I sent to Mercedes. Thankfully she reacted in a funny way (see the 5th scan) ;D

I added the full scans (except the one of the NCIS photo) to the Other TV shows section, the other one obviously to the NCIS page.