Charles Durning


Charles Durning (Ernie Yost / NCIS)

Charles Durning


I’m just filing this a bit late. I have the theory that holding back bought autographs prevents more TTMs to come in *chuckles* I know I’m just a liiiittle bit superstitious. But it doesn’t do any harm to post it, so here it is 😉 I always wanted to write him and planned on ordering photos to finally write him, in December. Only to read a few days after Christmas that he had passed away on Christmas Eve. So I decided to buy his autograph while the stores hadn’t reacted yet to the news and the prize for the autograph was still acceptably low.

He did a wonderful job in the NCIS episode Call of Silence which still is one of my favourite episodes ever (not just because of my favourite actress Alicia Coppola is in it), it’s sooooo moving!

Added the full scan to the NCIS section.