Catherine Dent

27.09.11 – 02.02.12

Catherine Dent (Former Special Agent Whitney Sharp / NCIS)

0/2 (kept the photos I sent), added a signed and personalized promo pic of “The Shield”.

She played former Special Agent Sharp in two of my favourite episodes. Sharp recruited Vance for his Amsterdam mission  and I liked her in that role. Although it’s improbable that she’ll return, I’d look forward to that… maybe clashing with Ducky, because she seemed to have kind of a story with him. 

I added the full scan to the NCIS section.

Oren Dayan

04.12.10 – 21.01.12

Oren Dayan (Karif Yasin / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

*giggle* First, I have to admit, I didn’t expect to get a reply anymore. But when I did today, I burst out laughing about the hilarious note on the back of the photo. Since I got various autographs on the back of the photo, I pretty much always put a post-it note on the back, to sign on the other side, which is, of course weird, because the majority of people does understand the purpose of a sent photo. But this is the first actual reaction to my note, and I think it’s awesome and hilarious. 😀 Also the inscription is very sweet, definitively one of my favourites =)

Oren played a guest role in the episodes Enemies Foreign and Domestic in NCIS, Karif Yasin one of the three people who tried to kill Eli David, but obviously failed. Karif Yasin got arrested and interrogated. That interrogation scene was a very strong performance from Oren, that’s why I decided to write him.

I added the full scans to the NCIS section.

Sarai Givaty

17.01.11 – 23.02.11

Sarai Givaty (Mossad Officer Liat Tuvia / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed

After I got from her a photo signed at the backside I decided to send another request. This time I slightly glued the photos together at the backside and it worked 😉
I really liked her performance in the NCIS episodes Enemies Foreign & Domestic. I loved how Liat kicked Gibbs’ and Ziva’s a** in the parking lot when they recreated possible dangers for Eli David. Great performance from Sarai; I really hope Liat and Malachi (TJ Ramini) will reappear some day!

I already added the full scans to the NCIS section.

Sarai Givaty

18.11.10 – 15.01.11

Sarai Givaty (Mossad Officer Liat Tuvia / NCIS)

1/2 photos signed (on the wrong side)

Alright, should I laugh or cry? Perhaps you remember my successes from Derek Jacobi, Judd Hirsch and Alimi Ballard, who all signed on the back side of the photo. So, since I got these successes, I always put a post-it on the backside, that the actor may please sign on the front side. What the heck was that, now? Isn’t the front side of a photo the side  the image is on?
Of course I’m glad about this autograph, considering that it is a good step towards getting all the foreign operatives from ‘Enemies Foreign’ and ‘Enemies Domestic’, but still. That’s kinda weird. 😀 I’m seriously thinking about giving it another try and resending the photos. But so far, of course, I’m glad that I got Sarai’s signature.

I already added the full scan to the NCIS section.