Jed Brophy

14.05.12 & 30.09.11 (!) – 20.07.13

Jed Brophy (Nori / Hobbit & Snaga+Elf+Rohir / LotR)

Jed Brophy2  Jed Brophy7Jed Brophy4 Jed Brophy5 Jed Brophy6 Jed Brophy3 Jed Brophy8

6 / 2*3 photos signed and personalized

Wow, now these were unexpected successes. Jed Brophy never signed during the main shooting of the Hobbit, and after sending my first letter in 2011, and having forgotten I did so, I sent another one in 2012. Earlier this year I sent a letter via his agency after there was a success posted via that. Then I got his autograph at the HobbitCon and was content with that… and on Saturday suddenly two letters from New Zealand arrived – both with 3 signed and personalized photos (which means it must have been the two letters from 2011 and 2012 that I sent via the Hobbit set). Now apparently I have a whole bunch of his autographs 😀 Including one exactly like the HobbitCon autograph. I’m more than content now 🙂 (although I assume that it’s possible that I’ll still get another success from him… I’m wondering what photos I sent there. :D)

Added 4 pics to the Hobbit section and two (of Snaga and one combined of him as Elf and Rohir) to the LotR section.


Shane Boulton

28.01.13 – 15.03.13

Shane Boulton (Rivendell Elf, extra / Hobbit)

Shane Boulton  Shane Boulton2-kasphdosaghidugais Shane Boulton3-kashfoashgidfugasi

1/1 photos signed, answered my questionnaire

I decided to also collect autographs of a few extras of the Hobbit movies, as I did when I mainly collected LotR autographs. Shane was the first and (so far) only extra I wrote to and also sent a questionnaire, and I’m very pleased that he responded and answered my questions. I especially love the answer to the last question 😀

He also added a nice note telling me that he also was an elf in the Mirkwood army, a goblin, a body double for Lindir and a stand-in for Orlando Bloom (for one day). Sounds like fun!

I added the full scans to the Hobbit section (LotR -> Hobbit)