Jackson Rathbone

06.12.11 – 12.12.11

Jackson Rathbone (Jasper / Twilight)

3/3 photos signed, 2 of them personalized

Awww, such a fast success and sweet dedications (the second says “Dearest Nele – much love”). I already had his autograph but since there were more good photos, so an opportunity like this came along just at the right moment. Nicole brought to my attention that he is / was touring through Germany and I decided to give it a try via one of the locations he and the 100 Monkeys played. I adore him in the Twilight saga, especially in Eclipse, and I plan to watch the Last Airbender soon. Really. I will! Eventually. 😉

I added the full scans to the Twilight section (other movies -> Twilight). If you want to see them, just ask; I don’t bite.

Michael Welch

26.04.11 – 22.06.11

Michael Welch (Mike Newton / Twilight & Kody Meyers / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed & personalized

Phew… after a 3 weeks dry spell I finally got another success. A neat addition for two of my collection, NCIS and Twilight. I have to say, though, in Twilight his role is okay, but in the one NCIS episode he really demonstrated his talent. “Bait” is still one of my favourite episodes.

I added one full scan to the NCIS section and the other one to the Twilight section.

Nikki Reed

21.07.10 – 03.08.10

Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale / Twilight)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

I’m even happier about this autograph. Especially in Eclipse Nikki did a great job, I really like Rosalie in this movie (not that I didn’t like her before, but not as much ;)). It’s super cool that I have all the “young Cullens'” autographs now. But too bad that it’s gonna take a while until Breaking Dawn will air. Well, I’ll kill time by focussing on the Newborns now 😉

I already added the full scan to the Twilight section.

Dakota Fanning

01.03.10 – 03.08.10

Dakota Fanning (Jane / Twilight)

2/3 photos signed and personalized

I already assumed that I was having another dry spell but luckily I was wrong. Today two letters arrived, both Twilight, both eagerly awaited – but then, I don’t send request to actors I don’t like, so I wait for every letter eagerly. However, I’m glad to have her autograph, because she gives an impressive performance as Jane. One reason why I like the Volturi in the movies 😉

I already added the full scan to the Twilight section.

Kellan Lutz

21.06.10 – 14.07.10

Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen / Twilight)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Okay, call me superstitious! I had an almost two months long TTM dry spell… my luck ended in May when I bought one autograph (from David Krumholtz) and now exactly one day after I buy another autograph – after 13 days of pondering I bought it yesterday (being superstitious and believing that buying the Krumholtz-autograph put a bad luck charm on my mailbox and I could end this by buying another autograph 😀 ) …. whose autograph it was, I’m gonna tell you as soon as it arrives – the dry spell ends? What are the odds? Now fire away! It’s an odd coincidence, isn’t it? Long story made short, with the second try I got Mr. Lutz’s autograph today and I’m very glad about this. He’s SO kind to his fans!

Ashley Greene

30.04.09 – 05.05.10

Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen / Twilight)

2/2 photos signed

Kiowa Gordon


Kiowa Gordon (Embry Call / Twilight)

1 photo signed and personalized. Thanks, @Lantash!

Ashley Greene

10.02.10 + 17.02.10 – 23.02.10

Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen / Twilight)

4/4 photos signed and personalized
(one of them I forwarded to Charlie Bewley and hope he’ll sign it too… so only 3 scans)

Michael Sheen

10.12.09 – 09.01.10

Michael Sheen (Aro / Twilight)

2/2 photos signed