Christian Camargo

07.12.11 – 20.12.11

Christian Camargo (Rudy / Dexter & Eleazar / Twilight)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Yay! Okay, don’t have much time to write, but I’m more than happy to get his autograph. I adored him in Dexter as this archenemy in season 1 and he’s definitely very handsome with that arrogant look in Breaking Dawn. 😀 Great pre-Christmas gift! 🙂

I added one full scan to the Twilight section (other movies -> Twilight), one to the other TV shows (although the photo isn’t from Dexter). If you want to see them, just ask for the password; I don’t bite.

Matthew Willig

22.08.11 – 05.12.11

Matthew Willig (Special Agent Simon Cade / NCIS)

3/3 photos signed, 2 of them personalized

Yaaaay!! My letter finally got through 😀 I immediately liked the “new” NCIS team and I would have loved to see them in action together in a spin-off – of course now 2/3 third of them are dead and the last one’s gone MIA null  Too bad that the writers always waste interesting guest roles like that.

I’m so glad that I got this autograph, which means the team’s represented completely in my collection (although I cheated by taking one of Alimi Ballard’s autographs from the Numb3rs section and putting it in the NCIS collection ;D). Now I’m thinking about if I should send the third autograph to Sarah Jane – haven’t seen any TTM autograph from Alimi since Numb3rs, so I wouldn’t risk to send it to him – … but atm it feels like 1/2 of my letters get lost, so I don’t know if I wanna risk it anyway. Hmmm…. I’ll think about it.

Thank you very much @Matthew!

I added the full scans to the NCIS section.

Jaime Murray

? – 26.10.10

Jaime Murray (Agent Foster-Yates / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed

First: Yay!!! Second: Okay, this success is kind of a riddle. In total I sent 4 requests to Jaime Murray, via four different addresses. I already got an answer via a canadian venue, this leaves three tries. The first one in May 09 I sent to the Luber Rocklin management in the States. The second one in October 09 to the NCIS set, and the third one in November 09 to her agency in the UK. The first one I can rule out, because back then I didn’t have these two photos. The autographs now came from the States, plus, I printed the photos in July and different photos right before my November try… so, does this mean, that she will return/returns/returned to NCIS?! Btw.: This method of foretelling already worked twice for me before, so, why not this time, too?
That would pretty brilliant!!!

I already added the full scan to the NCIS section.

PS: I gave one of the autographs to a friend, so I’m gonna delete that picture from the gallery.

Michael C. Hall

either 10.01.10 or 03.08.10 – 28.08.10

Michael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan / Dexter)

2/2 photos signed, one of them personalized

I’m becoming more and more superstitious *laughing* After the Laz Alonso success 8 days ago I checked our mailbox myself every day. Nothing. And the day my father checks it, another great success. I think I won’t go to the mailbox anymore but’ll let my parents do this 😀 Whatever, this success is so supercool. Dexter is without any doubt the most extraordinary TV show I know – where else would you favour a serial killer? Michael C. Hall does a hell of a job; I love his performances! So, right now, I’m prancing 😀

I already added the full scan to the Other TV shows section.

Btw. you should be able to find all signatures via the search now. It didn’t work before for all the pre-2010-successes but now I added all those names to that post, so the search should help you (for example if you type in “Andy Serkis” in the search, it should direct you to the December post where his signature is posted)

Jaime Murray

02.07.10 – 06.08.10

Jaime Murray (Julia Foster-Yates/NCIS & Lila Tourney/Dexter)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Woooho, finally!! I tried so hard to get an autograph of her – I think I wrote her four times – and now I’ve got her autograph. I immediately liked her character in NCIS even though she participated in only one episode. But she was the reason why I started to watch “Dexter” and why I became a fan of this show. I guess I really like the bad guys and her role on “Dexter” was reeeeeally really twisted. And Iiiii got her aaaaaautograph *sings* Ha, I’m thrilled 🙂 😀

I already added the full scan to the NCIS section.