Sir Christopher Lee

11.02.13 – 16.02.13

Sir Christopher Lee (Saruman / LotR & Hobbit)

Christopher Lee

1/1 photo signed and personalized

And now the officially best autograph of the week and probably the month, and probably among the top 3 for 2013! I am sooooooooooooooooo stunned about this autograph. I mean, he really does not sign very often, and I was so disappointed when I read that the premiere of Night Train to Lisbon would be during this week. Since I had a meeting at work today I wasn’t able to take a day (or a few days) off during the week. Good for me, I guess, after this not entirely nice last weekend at the Berlinale. So I decided to write to him – thank you SO much Nicole for dropping me the clue where he would be staying. I almost forgot it (not that I wanted to write, but that the letter should arrive til Tuesday!) until I was at work on Monday. So I had to write and put in the letter after work. So I got home, thinking that the mailbox would be cleared at 17.15 o’clock… Wrote my letter and at 16.55 I drove to the mail box (on the bike, wo the nearest mail box just a few hundred meters – for the record, without scarf and gloves) – only to read that it had been emptied at 16.15. So I went to the next mail box – 16.30 – and to the next 16.30 as well… To make it shorter, I went 3 1/2  kilometres (7 in total, without helmet and scarf and gloves, because I had thought that I’d just go round the corner) and it was pretty freezing.

I really really hoped that I’d get his autograph, but what were the chances…! I’m sooooo happy now! I mean, this acting legend signed my photo, even personalized!!! Woooooooooooohoooo!!! 🙂 He’s soooo awesome in LotR and the Hobbit, and Star Wars, and I guess I have to see a few other of his movies now! 🙂

I so love his voice, and I don’t think I know any actor with a similarly strong voice. Ian McKellan is good, and there are some younger actors whose voices I adore and love and totally have a crush on (for the record: Benedict Cumberbatch, Richard Armitage, Zachary Quinto – alphabetical order), but such a strong voice? No, I don’t think I could come up with another actor. That’s why one of my favourite scenes of LotR is when Saruman brings down the Caradhras onto the Fellowship and he’s shouting these fine quenya words into the air. Wonderful! I wish he’d get such an ensnaring scene in the Hobbit too. Aren’t we supposed to see the White Council in action? Like in, defeating the necromancer? (hell yeah. Christopher Lee and Benedict Cumberbatch shouting at each other, that would be nice *lol*)

Anyways. I’m soooooooo excited about this autograph! *still dancing*

Added the full scan to the LotR section.