Luke Evans

22.06.11 – 21.09.11

Luke Evans (Apollon / Clash of the Titans & Bard / The Hobbit)

2/2 photos signed + added smale b&w

Hrhrr, I got another success from Luke Evans. Via his agency this time, because I sent there first but since I hadn’t seen a success via that address before and didn’t wanna miss the chance via venue, I sent both requests in a very short time instead of waiting. I’m very glad I got this one back, though, because he signed the picture of him as Apollon in Clash of the Titans, which I think is really impressive, and the Hobbit collage. Plus he added another b/w pic which he also signed. I uploaded only 2 thumbnails in this post, because the signature on the Apollon photo is so big, I would have had to post the entire pic here.

I added the full scans of (all three) photos and to the Hobbit section.

Luke Evans

28.06.11 – 25.07.11

Luke Evans (Apollon / Clash of the Titans & Bard / The Hobbit)

2/2 (3) photos signed, one of the personalized

Okay, that’s a most embarrassing success 😀 I actually turned red when I opened the letter: Normally I doublecheck every request, if I put the right photos and letter in the envelope – apparently not this time. I remember that I first put two photos in the request for Luke Evans and two in the request for Henry Cavill – and then decided to put in a third photo in both, because I just liked the photos and couldn’t just leave them unused. But apparently I didn’t put the Luke Evans photo in the Luke Evans envelope and the Henry Cavill photo in the Henry Cavill envelope, but each in the wrong envelope. I only realized that today, when I got two autographs from Luke Evans and discovered the Henry Cavill photo – unsigned, of course. How embarrassing! I’m so glad Luke just laughed that away (he wrote “This one isn’t me :)” – with a smiley – on the back side of that wrong pic) 😀 But still: Ooooooops! *still red* 😀

I already added the full scans to the newly created The Hobbit section (you find it by putting the cursor on the Lord of the Rings section – password is the same as for the other subpages).

Gemma Arterton

14.12.10 – 20.01.11

Gemma Arterton (Io / Clash of the Titans)

2/2 photos signed

Yes, I finally saw Clash of the Titans and I kinda liked the movie – what a surprise, considering that I like almost all the recent epic history/fantasy movies – and Io was one of my favourite characters in this film. Of course it hasn’t much to do with the ancient myth, but I don’t care. And I think it was a really interesting and extremely funny move, that Perseus didn’t get involved with princess Andromeda after he saved her, but with his guide Io. After I watched the movie I decided that I needed to write Gemma Arterton and here is the result.

I already added the full scan to the “Other Movies” section.

Mads Mikkelsen

30.08.10 – 04.10.10

Mads Mikkelsen (Tristam / King Arthur)

3/3 photos signed and personalized

Wow, I totally didn’t expect this. I had tried to get his autograph via the Clash of the Titans set before, but unsuccessfully. Now, how cool is that. I really couldn’t decide which two of these photos I like most, so I sent all three and asked him to choose. He didn’t.
I loved his performance in King Arthur; his role Tristam was my favourite; he was so different from the other knights and I liked his way of fighting. Right now I don’t know why I still haven’t watched the Clash of the Titans, since this movie was first standing on top of my “must watch in 2010” list and then on top of the “have to buy the DVD as soon as it comes out” list. And I still don’t have it. That has to change! *runs off to a well-known internet auction platform*
Oh well, I’m very happy about this success and I’m totally looking forward to his new movie, the Three Musketeers.

I already added the full scan to the Other Movies section.

Ralph Fiennes

16.7.09 – 06.08.10

Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort / Harry Potter)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Well well… look what happens if one decides to reduce one’s collecting activities. I sent Mr. Fiennes a request via ‘Clash of the Titans’ and didn’t really expect an answer anymore, so a couple of days ago I sent another request to his agency. And now I got this back. From CotT, I’m certain, though one of the photos I used on the recent request, too. Of course I’m glad about it (though a little bit annoyed that I sent another request instead of waiting). But hey, I’ve got an autograph of one of the most brilliant actors, so… Yey!! 🙂

I already added the full scan to the Harry Potter section.