found another Marton Csokas autograph

Oh!! Going through the small pile of autographs not yet put away, I just found another autograph from Marton Csokas. Got his autograph in February and thought that he’d signed 2/3, but actually he did sign all of them. 🙂

Added the full scan of the Xena collage autograph to the Other TV shows section.

Marton Csokas

05.11.10 – 11.02.11

Marton Csokas (Celeborn / LotR, Guy de Lusignan / Kingdom of Heaven)

2/3 photos signed and personalized (I sent 3 but asked him to choose because I really couldn’t)

Wow! I got this autograph yesterday already but opened it only today after I had an exam and gave a demonstration lesson, as a reward so to speak. I was extremely surprised when I saw these autographs, because Marton Csokas seems to be a fairly rare signer. I like him in LotR of course, in Kingdom of Heaven and Timeline. In my opinion he’s a terrific “bad guy” on TV. His looks (and of course the rest of his performance) in KoH and Timeline are just great! Seriously hope that he’ll make at least a short appearance in the Hobbit!

I already added the full scan on the Celeborn photo to the Lord of the Rings section and the other (on a collage of Guy de Lusignan pics) in the “Other Movies” section.