Scott Wolf

15.09.11 – 01.09.12

Scott Wolf (Casey Stratton alias Jonathan Cole / NCIS)

3/3 photos signed

Woooooohoohooo! Yay yay yay, I looove this success! When Stratton first appeared in NCIS I was more concerned about EJ but at the latest in “Housekeeping” I became a fan of this role. In my opinion he makes a extremely dangerous enemy because he has a so young, innocent looking face, as if he couldn’t hurt a fly. But of course it isn’t all about the look, or I should rather say, about the physical appearance, because actually it’s about the look. Scott Wolf has such a strong presence/aura; in the season 9 finale, when Gibbs decides that they need Cole’s help and he’s lead through the HQ and shoots a glance to the team – that look alone left me stunned! And then his way to handle Gibbs, both in the end of “Housekeeping” and of course in “TDDUP” – priceless! I guess it speaks for itself that the bomb exploded, the team being inside, and Ducky suffered a heart attack and all I worried about was that Cole somehow got away (one possibility, I’m afraid only for people who know German – I’m gonna translate it some day). I still really really hope it! Finally another bad guy with potential. I mean, Dearing is just plain bad, Paloma bad but blinded by revenge, Alejandro subtle bad but really screwed it up by coming forth too soon and through his anger issues and… oh, and by killing his sister of course ;). La Grenouille was boring bad… so the one really dangerous, spine-chilling bad guy so far with whom you never knew (until he was killed -.-) was Ari (unless I forget another one, but that should speak for itself). I think Cole had or hopefully still has has a similar potential and I really really hope he’s still out there 😉

But of course I don’t dare to expect it, although I just got this autograph via the NCIS set.

Anyway – you can see that I’m totally stunned and happy about this autograph, especially since I haven’t seen many authentic autographs from him lately (most of them are PPs, and from a few years ago). He was one of my most wanteds, and I’m absolutely thrilled! 🙂

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