Andrew Leeds

20.11.12 – 31.05.13

Andrew Leeds (Christopher Pelant / Bones)

Andrew Leeds Andrew Leeds2

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Hell yeah! I didn’t expect to get this back since “Cult” wrapped in December, and got cancelled after the first season. Right now I’m not sure up to what episode of Bones I watched, but I still know I really enjoyed Andrew Leed’s performance as Pelant. What is freaking me out, is that Pelant felt like Bones’ very own Jim Moriarty (played by Andrew (!) Scott…) and now look at them. Somebody please tell me I’m crazy and just imagining the similarity!

I’m really happy about this unexpected success and I guess I’m gonna watch the rest of the show soon 😉 Funny how autograph successes can motivate me to start watching shows I actually stopped watching for some or no reason.

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TJ Thyne

? – 02.09.12

TJ Thyne (Dr. Jack Hodgins / Bones)

After the big surprise only 2 weeks before this, now I got an even bigger one: Another signed photo from TJ Thyne, and another script, of the episode “The End in the Beginning”, signed by him. I really do no know to what I owe this surprise, maybe his assistant wasn’t sure if he had already sent me something, but I certainly delight in that. 🙂

Maybe it was to remind me to finally start watching Bones again 😀

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Ryan Cartwright

26.05.11 – 15.08.12

Ryan Cartwright (Vincent Nigel-Murray / Bones)

2/2 photos signed, one of them personalized

I didn’t expect to get this back anymore, but I’m very glad I did! I love all the Squinterns in Bones, and I think I wrote Ryan shortly after (is it that long ago already?!) his character on Bones, Vincent Nigel-Murray was killed. This episode and especially this scene was SO sad! I’m not entirely sure, but I think I actually cried.

I planned to watch Alphas back then, but I didn’t have the possibility, because my tv recorder doesn’t have this channel. Too bad! Maybe it runs in German TV some day and if I like it, I’ll just buy the DVD. We shall see.

Well, this was it for August so far. 🙂

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TJ Thyne

? – 16.08.12

TJ Thyne (Dr. Jack Hodgins / Bones)

sent an email request, received a signed Bones promo photo and a script of “Mummy in the Maze”, signed by him

This is certainly a big surprise! I knew that he kindly replied email requests, but I didn’t expect this “little light reading” 😀 which I’ll definitively enjoy! Hodgins is one of my favourite roles in Bones – and I take this success and the one I’ll post next as a broad hint to resume watching Bones 😉

I stopped when they took a break because of Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy. But now I’ll watch the second half of season 7 soon! 🙂

PS: I very much enjoyed his short appearance in NCIS, too!

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Stephen Fry

10.06.11 – 07.09.11

Stephen Fry (Dr. Gordon Wyatt / Bones & Master of Laketown / The Hobbit)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

“But it does move.” (Galileo)
Oh, wrong subject. After this funny little episode I grinned when I got mail today and saw a letter from New Zealand. But there was noone around whom I could have told: “See, I am psychic!” 😀 So I silently opened the envelope and wasn’t surprised but glad, when I found these two photos signed by Stephen Fry. He’s terrific in Bones and I’m looking forward to seeing him as the greedy Master of Laketown in the Hobbit.

I added one full scan to the Hobbit section and the other one to the Other TV shows section. Also I moved two of the scans of Aidan Turner’s autographs from the Other TV shows section to The Hobbit, because, though I wrote to him because of Being Human, I wouldn’t have known him and that show at all, if I hadn’t heard, that he’d be part of the Hobbit, and was curious about his other work.