HobbitCon 4 photos: Sunday

HobbitCon 4 photos: FridaySaturdaySunday

HobbitCon 4 photos: Saturday

HobbitCon 4 photos: FridaySaturdaySunday

There weren’t that many panels on Saturday, and I missed most of the rest due to photo sessions and the costume contest. You can find me on some of the last photos (the elf in the red & golden armor with the shield).

HobbitCon 4 photos: Friday

HobbitCon 4 photos: FridaySaturdaySunday

This time I really don’t have a lot to tell, since somehow I missed most panels. I had a gold ticket for the first time and ran from photo session to photo session. Plus, I wore an elaborate costume this time and also participated in the costume contest, so wandering about and getting photos taken and enjoying the attention was a priority for me this time 😉

That doesn’t mean that I didn’t take any photos, so are a few photos from Friday:

RingCon 2012

Okay, so this is gonna be a looong post, and it’s mainly not about getting autographs – a reason may be that I didn’t plan to get any autographs. In the end, I got one, but that was a spontaneous thing. And I only did one photo session, this post is more like “my RingCon diary” (but I’ll hide my one autograph in this post as a pretence :D)


On my way, in the train, shortly before Cologne, I got a serious RingCon fever… I guess it was connected to this train route, because when I studied in Trier, I went by this railroad line many many times, and there are so many memories that came back (gosh, I’m sounding so old now and as if it had been decades *lol*)… It was kinda nice to think back to my first RingCon and that this RC will always be connected to one song (Sleeping Sun from Nightwish) because on the way back from RC04 I listened this song over and over and over again, and that it is funny, because another unforgettable moment, driving over the road of Amalfi in Italy was also connected to another song of Nightwish… but that would lead too far away now 😀 So I had this thrill of anticipation before I got there. The bus drive from the train station to my hotel and then from my hotel to the Maritim hotel went pretty smoothly, so I arrived there ~1300 hours.

When I wanted to put my things at the cloakroom and was just kneeling down to prepare what I was gonna take with me and what  wanted to leave at the cloakroom, I suddenly heard a voice I knew – not talking to me, obviously, but making me like freeze and look up… Daniel Gillies was getting a tour through the hotel and there just a meter away) Gosh, he’s SO gorgeous! Forgive me if I’m gonna repeat myself in that matter, and I probably – definitely – will.

Well, I had “ambitious” plans for the entire RC, and I’m gonna write a short staccato-like list of how many items on my agenda I got to see and how many panels I missed: 1. missed Thomas Robins & Lori Dungey – 2. got: (a glimpse of ) Natalia Tena & Joe Dempsie – 3. missed: Craig Parker – 4. missed (what I planned for the same time) History of Middleearth – 5. missed: Billy Boyd (I don’t know exactly what I did in that time, probably Starkid) – 6. got: Starkid autograph session (which was kind of an unexpected thing to happen, and as such NOT on my list, so it actually doesn’t count)

– 7. got: Starkid panel, 8. – got: a presentation of photos “with Gandalf through New Zealand”, which I thought was so boring that I left after 5 minutes. – 9. got Sean Astin’s panel.

So you see, I wasn’t very successful in following my plans 😀

Now… Starkid are total fun on stage (the time of the panel had changed at the last minute, so to speak, only in the last version of the time table, because before it was partially at the same time as the Opening Ceremony, which would have been terrible!).

What I missed in the Opening Ceremony was the RingCon theme… and my first disappointment, or actually the second one this day, but the first I write here: Haven’t there always been standing ovations at least for the bigger actors, or was that always only on the Closing Ceremony?

Also I was a bit (very!!!) disappointed by the medieval/fantasy market. What happened to this big vending hall with dozens of vendors, with food and everything? L Now it’s only a small market with no food things and just a hand ful of dealers (maybe a few more but compared to how it was a few years ago, it felt like maybe 5 dealers). Okay, one good thing coming out of this: I didn’t buy a single item, which was great for my poor portemonnaie *lol* But still, I would have preferred the big market etc. When did it disappear?

And the third thing: Was a bit disappointed by Natalia Tena… after all these great opinions that I read about her last year (?) I expected more… I mean, she may have been funny but it’s not my kind of humor.

As for the actors: Well I have to admit, I was only interested in one in particular, sexy Daniel Gillies… I don’t know Game of Thrones, which was not that unfortunate because it gave me the opportunity to hear some quite interesting presentations/lectures, which I never did during RCs 2004-06.

And of course, then I met Dani!! *yay* who was kind enough to let me change my clothes in her bathroom in the evening (and Saturday morning and evening and Sunday morning).

One thing, however, hasn’t changed, regarding RC, but that’s my personal fault: I planned to go to the party and stay there longer *every* time… but I just don’t get around to do this. On Friday I was too tired and on Saturday I wasn’t that tired but I realized (again) that I just don’t get excited by parties at all, so went to bed “early” both evenings.


I woke up very early, having a feeling of extreme nausea, and I realized that it wasn’t exactly a bright idea to not eat anything the entire Friday (ate one bretzel on the train in the morning and that was it for the rest of the day… and drank maybe 0,7 liters the whole day). So Saturday morning I ate the other bretzel at 6:30 (which is normally absolutely not the time when I can eat anything) but the feeling only went away after I went to Rewe to buy something (bought enough for the next days as well).

So I missed the first planned thing, a lecture about Nibelorcs, but that wasn’t THAT urgent – what was more urgent (and what I did NOT miss) was the panel of gorgeous Mr. Gillies („Fucker“ – as Nina Dobrev called him in an email *lol*/“sexy Mark“ – fan suggestion, as we already have a Mini-Mark (Lori Dungey), a Maxi-Mark (the original, so to say, Mark Ferguson))

After that I hadn’t planned anything between 11 and 12, so I went to get in line for the photoops with sexy Mr. Gorgeous… uhm… ô.Ô. Well. It was hot – in this case, not his fault but the fault of bad ventilation – (thankfully eventually someone got the idea to open the windows), but it was worth it. Although it all went down really quickly, once the session started. It was like „Three, two, one, now – next! Three two one….“ like every ten seconds. I’d have loved to get a tighter hug *lol* but I understand that there wasn’t much more time, although the waiting line was vanishing quickly and there must have been at least half an hour left. Oh well… I still like the photo (isn’t he gorgeous?! :D) although I have a kinda weird look. Oh, and Dani: no, I wasn’t even very nervous when I got there, it happened way too quick to get nervous 😀

Btw., in this line I finally saw (not yet met) Romie – but our paths crossed later and it was so nice talking to you! 🙂 Too bad we didn’t think about doing a group photo of us three in time. I thought about it at the beginning of the talent show but my phone didn’t get any reception at all at this time, so I waited too long, and when I finally sent Dani the short message it was too late. Maybe next time! 🙂

Weeeelll, then the Kiwi panel. God, these guys are awesome. I can understand the people who say it gets boring to always invite the same faces, but the Kiwi connection is so mindblowingly funny… I laughed so hard at their panel, I had tears in my eyes half the time.

And then the talent show – wasn’t thaaaat convincing but what I really liked was the start, when the Starkid Street Team Germany „presented“ the first minutes of the Very Potter Musical, and one third of the RingConnies in the hall were singing along.

Oh, and then, during the break when the jury was deciding about the winners of the talent show, one of the jury members performed something while his girlfriend (also in the jury) had been held back outside, and then slowly everybody realized that he was gonna propose to her. It was SO funny and SO romantic… and when he finally asked her to marry him and she said yes, the whole hall gave their standing ovations… and everybody was totally amazed when Sean Astin brought the ring. Really touching! 🙂


I improved my time managing skills and got everything I planned, except the first lecture, which I missed because I arrived at 9am, but on the door there was a note that the expert was gonna be there half an hour late due to car problems. So I used the time to get into my costume (thanks to Dani and her husband again for letting me use their bathroom, like the other three times) and when I got back (half an hour later) the door was locked… so I don’t know why and where, but the lecture apparently did take place. Oh well… So next thing on my list was a presentation of photos of New Zealand from places where LotR had been filmed – I got a travel bug!!

After that I had a small break from any planned things, and when I strolled by the Sea Shepherd table, I saw someone familiar there: Natalia Tena. She was just putting on a Sea Shepherd shirt. I decided to stalk… ehem, I mean wait there a bit to see what was happening… and then one by one the entire GoT crew came to this table and they all put on the these shirts and posed for photos.

I thought that was very nice to support such a group… that reminded me that I wanted to see “The Cove”. *writes it on her “must watch” list alongside “Hunt for Gollum”, “Born of Hope” and the movie D.G. directed.)

Then the panel about Love, sex and marriage among the Elves of Tolkien, which was an interesting topic *lol*, but I had to leave after half an hour because then was the second panel of Daniel Gillies. He was in the smaller room with a stage, not the main one… and I had thought about it before I went to bed on Saturday, and when there weren’t as many people, I decided to go ahead and ask something.

I’m really shy, so I’m glad that the hall wasn’t entirely full and that the panel was in the smaller room. So I took my chance when he came in and sat there and nobody went to the microphone to ask something and before the silence could become awkward, I went for it thinking “whatthehell!” – or actually I stood up before I could really think about it, but I guess that was a good idea. So I asked my question (what kind of role he really really would love to act) and – I have not the slightest idea what he answered.

No, really, I don’t remember even a tiny bit, because he was looking at me the whole time while he answered and my mind just went totally blank… he’s soooooo – yes I know you know by now that I adore him. But, not only his look (*melts*) but also his down-to-earth opinion. He emphazised a few times that he doesn’t think that actors to be the real popstars who should be admired, but regular people, like doctors, nurses, teachers, policemen, people who make the systems in our houses work etc. and that he feels that he doesn’t deserve the frantic attention that he gets, etc… and that he thinks that guys become sexy by being and behaving kind-hearted.

Okay, he’s a good actor, so in theory he may have been acting and just saying something like this, but I totally believe him, he seems a really down-to-earth, thoughtful guy with a great personality. (Why the hell are those men always taken? :D)

Okay, but I don’t wanna bore you anymore with my obvious love for D.G., so then we come to the great finale (or almost… but it was freaking amazing): The panel of Billy Boyd and Sean Astin, who are great. Both read a few lines from the LotR book – to hear Sean’s voice, so, Samwise Gamgee reading lines from the “End of all things” scene, was pure beauty… and then (or before, I don’t recall), even better:

They both sat on a prop, a throne in the corner of the stage, with a beautiful light (the photo doesn’t do justice to this scenery), and one RingConnie asked Billy to sing his song from Return of the King. And he answered that he gets asked that every time he does a convention, and every time he says no… but with Sam sitting next to him he would. And then he actually sung it. I got goosebumps, there was dead *dead* silence until he ended, and then loud applause erupted and didn’t end very soon… that was such a great, great, maybe THE greatest RingCon moment! And I’m SO glad I was there to hear it.

Then, the closing ceremony was nice, although, again, I wondered, once again, when people on RC stopped to do standing ovations at least for the last actors called on stage. I expected that starting with Billy Boyd and then of course Sean Astin (they were the last two), but hmm… it was a bit disappointing that the standing ovation only started when the actors were almost about to leave the stage again.

All in all, the weekend was nice. It was great to meet Dani and Romie, great to see Mr. Gorgeous, great to witness the proposal and the Kiwi panel on Saturday and Pippin’s song (and Billy and Sean reading LotR)… but I can’t say I’m that thrilled – or maybe I’m just disappointed right now that it is over. There were a few things that disappointed me, compared with (my memory of) the earlier RingCons. I guess I’m not as easy to impress as I was 8-6 years ago, and that in my memory of these earlier RCs the not so good things faded away and only the perfect RingCon stayed in my mind (darn, I’m glad this post is almost finished, I write RincGon every time *lol*).

So it’s definitely gonna depend on the actors who’ll be invited wheather I’m gonna be there at RC 2013 – especially since I already booked my ticket for the new HobbitCon in March/April next year AND if everything goes as I hope, I’m gonna *have* to go to FedCon as well. So I’ll wait and see who’s gonna be announced for RC before I decide if I’m gonna go there again. But it was good to have been back at least once again. 🙂