Barry Humphries

16.01.13 – 25.02.13

Barry Humphries (Great Goblin / The Hobbit)

Barry Humphries

1/1 photo signed and personalized

Wow, I didn’t think I’d get this one back, considering that he was at this venue only for a few days and left shortly after my letter must have arrived. I guess it helped in that case, that I didn’t provide a SASE but an IRC – so that he could take the request with him to the UK and send it from there. The funny thing is, that there was no stamp at all on the return envelope. He just didn’t use the IRC but sent off the return envelope with the autograph without any stamp. So it’s my guess that he did that from the UK, but I can’t be sure.However, this makes a great addition to my Hobbit collection, and considering how hard his autograph seems to get, I’m extra happy about this. I have to admit, when I watched the Hobbit for the first time, the Great Goblin surprised me, and not in a positive way. But not negative either, just… surprising. I didn’t expect him to have humour, to be somewhat intelligent and to start singing 😀 Watching the movie for a second time, I began to enjoy this unexpectedly un-goblinish goblin role. He won’t be my favourite role in that movie (although he had a better presence on screen than Azog), but that’s acceptable.

Added the full scan to the Hobbit page (LotR -> Hobbit).