Andrew Leeds

20.11.12 – 31.05.13

Andrew Leeds (Christopher Pelant / Bones)

Andrew Leeds Andrew Leeds2

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Hell yeah! I didn’t expect to get this back since “Cult” wrapped in December, and got cancelled after the first season. Right now I’m not sure up to what episode of Bones I watched, but I still know I really enjoyed Andrew Leed’s performance as Pelant. What is freaking me out, is that Pelant felt like Bones’ very own Jim Moriarty (played by Andrew (!) Scott…) and now look at them. Somebody please tell me I’m crazy and just imagining the similarity!

I’m really happy about this unexpected success and I guess I’m gonna watch the rest of the show soon 😉 Funny how autograph successes can motivate me to start watching shows I actually stopped watching for some or no reason.

I added the full scans to the Other TV shows section.