Adetomiwa Edun

03.12.10 – 29.12.10

Adetomiwa Edun (Elyan / Merlin)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

After “Primeval” the show “Merlin” was the second british TV series I’m a fan of. Sure, the special effects are sometimes a little bit weak, but they have great characters. And Merlin’s a terrifically funny interpretation of the old legend. One of the best jokes is without any doubt the choice to cast Adetomiwa for the role of Elyan – whose full name is Elyan the White (or Helyan le Blanc). Thumbs up for that! 😀 He acted very well and I immediately liked him after his appearance in “The Castle of Fyrien”. Thankfully Elyan survived… according to the legend he helps rescue Guinevre after the revelation of her affair with Lancelot… but since I hope that they won’t let this affair happen in the show (I’d like the idea that Morgana returns, takes Gwen’s shape to fool Arthur, but that in the end everything’s gonna be alright!), hopefully he plays another important role.

I already added the full scan to the Other TV shows -> Merlin section.

Short note: I got back a RTS from Adam Jamal Craig, and an AP from Orlando Bloom. I expected the AP, but nonetheless, it’s a pity! Here’s the AP: