George Blagden & Scott Bakula

I got two more autographs today, one from the fabulous George Blagden, who plays Graintaire in the Les Miserables movie – and Athelstan in Vikings (which I just started watching, so I’ll have to write him again eventually). And the other one from Scott Bakula, Dwayne Pride in NCIS: NOLA, and of course Jonathan Archer in Star Trek: Enterprise – which I haven’t started watching yet but certainly will and I’ll probably want his autograph on a photo from ST too, so I sent two from NCIS and one from ST, and he kindly signed all of them 🙂

George Blagden

George Blagden George Blagden2

Scott Bakula

Scott Bakula Scott Bakula2 Scott Bakula3

autographs since June: Craig Robert Young, Joel Tobeck, Manu Bennett

Hasn’t been a very good time since June (only autograph-wise, though, otherwise it was), so I’m gonna post the few successes in one post. One autographs of the three I bought, so they don’t count really as successes.

Craig Robert Young Craig Robert Young2 Craig Robert Young3

Craig Robert Young: This was a surprise success, since I sent my letter in 2012 via the Hawaii Five-0 set but
since his role, Dracul Comescu, got killed after one episode, I didn’t think he’d get the letter. So I’m surprised, but very happy about this 🙂

Joel Tobeck Joel Tobeck2

Joel Tobeck: He played the orc Guritz, aka “Skully” in LotR. I decided to add to my LotR collection a few minor characters and since I “miss” the good old prosthetic LotR orcs in the Hobbit, he was on my list, too.

Manu Bennett

Manu Bennett: Speaking of prosthetic orcs and CGI orcs – I still don’t like the look of Azog and would have preferred him to be a prosthetic orc, but since there are even worse CGI orcs in the Hobbit (:-/) Azog is growing on me. Plus, he’s one of the main characters, so I needed to add him to my collection. Plus Manu Bennett did, of course, a great job; it’s not his fault that the orc looks aren’t as convincing as they were in LotR. So I’m very glad that I finally got his autograph, with the help of Andrea who got this autograph for me at RingCon this year.

Leslie Hope

Funny… after three months of nothing I get two successes in one week. Yesterday I got Leslie Hope’s autograph. She plays SecNav Sarah Porter on NCIS and President Kelly Foster on Revolution.

Leslie Hope Leslie Hope2

Eric Christian Olsen

? – 11.05.13

Eric Christian Olsen (Det. Marty Deeks / NCIS: LA)

Eric Christian Olsen

got a promo photo, signed and personalized – thank you, Danielle. I think this may have been that attempt where you sent off my letter for me, when I suspected that my previous requests from Germany got lost on their way)

Wow! Really, wow! I had given up on him a while ago, after I had tried to get his autograph five times between 2010 and early 2012. Not totally, I think I would have tried one more time when the new season would start, but I really did not have many hopes, especially not for the letters I already sent. So I was very surprised when I saw this big orange envelope – I usually send small photos and envelopes, and there aren’t any envelopes of this color here in Germany -, not my handwriting on it, and no stamp which would indicate from where it came. So when I peeked into the envelope, I couldn’t believe what I saw (and I must have looked really bewildered, my mum even asked what was the matter) 😀

I kinda liked Eric’s role in NCISLA from the first episode on, and though he’s a bit too much like Tony sometimes, too clownish, he’s at least a bit normal. A person like you and I, so to speak, not always-right-super-hero as the other two men on the team.

Which brings me to admit, that I haven’t watched NCISLA anymore since midseason… maybe now I’ll give it another try 🙂 In any case, it’s awesome to finally have obtained this Most Wanted autograph!

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Charles Durning


Charles Durning (Ernie Yost / NCIS)

Charles Durning


I’m just filing this a bit late. I have the theory that holding back bought autographs prevents more TTMs to come in *chuckles* I know I’m just a liiiittle bit superstitious. But it doesn’t do any harm to post it, so here it is 😉 I always wanted to write him and planned on ordering photos to finally write him, in December. Only to read a few days after Christmas that he had passed away on Christmas Eve. So I decided to buy his autograph while the stores hadn’t reacted yet to the news and the prize for the autograph was still acceptably low.

He did a wonderful job in the NCIS episode Call of Silence which still is one of my favourite episodes ever (not just because of my favourite actress Alicia Coppola is in it), it’s sooooo moving!

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Mercedes Masöhn

27.10.12 – 20/21.11.12

Mercedes Masöhn (Heather Kincaid – NCIS & Isabel Zampada – The Finder)

2/2 photos signed [or rather, accidentally 3… see below *;)] with lovely notes on the backsides

I’m very happy about this reply. I had already planned to send her earlier, when she appeared on NCIS, but then I forgot. Then I wanted to write her when she participated in the new series The Finder. I’m so glad she joined this show, I loved the chemistry between Walter and her role US Marshall Isabel Zampada. I got to love the show pretty quick after giving it a try although the pilot episode didn’t convince me. It’s such a pity that Fox cancelled the show without giving it a chance to develope. Instead they left us hanging with such a season ending x.X

Well, then it was too late to send her a letter via this set, so I waited and recently saw this opportunity. And then I made this embarrassing mistake not to check the envelope properly. I already wondered where the pic of Lee Pace as Thranduil had ended up, but I only thought I misplaced it somewhere in my room. Now I know, where it was *lol* It must have stuck to the backside of one of the two photos I sent to Mercedes. Thankfully she reacted in a funny way (see the 5th scan) ;D

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Cheryl Ladd

06.03.12 – 13.10.12

Cheryl Ladd (Mary Courtney / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Although I couldn’t enjoy her episode, I really liked her performance. Her role was super interesting and her acting, and David McCallum’s, especially in her last scene with Ducky, was brilliant. That’s why I wrote her. Now… why didn’t I like the episode then? Because at this time there was an overdosis of episodes which involved family members/other personal relationships of the NCIS team, and every time someone gets involved with one of them, he/she is involved in the case, and/or the culprit. And that got SO annoying at this time, that I thought, 20 minutes into this episode: “Please DON’T let Mary be involved in this case, please don’t let Mary be involved in this case, please don’t….”, and with my attention drawn to this, I feared pretty quickly, that she indeed was involved in the case… and that she indeed was the murderer was just super annoying.

That’s my live reaction in twitter to this episode, btw.:

Okay… so similarity: 2 military types who are flirting with women…. Mary said she liked men in uniform. Please don’t tell me, it’s her.

And she’s a doctor, and that drug dealer seems to be in a clinic… please please please don’t tell me, it’s her…. -.-

Oh damn it! -.- why… why do relatives/people in some kind of relationship with the team always have sth to do with the case? -.- *annoyed*

So, yeah… that totally ruined the episode for me, but it’s not Cheryl Ladd’s fault, in fact her and David McCallum’s acting was the only thing that saved the episode a bit for me. So I’m really glad I got her autograph 🙂

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Torri Higginson

27.09.12 – 05.10.12

Torri Higginson (Dr. Jordan Hampton / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

You know, sometimes I really don’t know what drives me when I select photos. Why on earth didn’t I make a screencap from one of her NCIS scenes? *sigh* I guess I didn’t expect that she’d answer and didn’t wanna waste money since I already got these two photos printed out. Yeah, I do regret… *lol*

Anyways, these photos are nice (that’s why I chose them in the first place ;)) and she looks great on them. So of course I’m happy about this awesome success, especially since I had tried 2x before to get her autographs, resulting in one RTS and one open request (open since 2 years, so probably gone forever).

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Jon Curry

31.08.12 – 25.09.12

Jon Curry (“Suit” / Avatar & Deputy Tyler Barrett / NCIS)

3/3 photos signed, also added a signed and personalized 8×10 photo

In the NCIS episode “Suspicion” he played Deputy Tyler Barrett. Of course I can’t really say I take to this role, after all he’s a racist, but it was an interesting role, because we always get to see cases related to terrorism but rarely to racism, which in my opinion is an important topic too.

Also, in my 2nd favourite movie Avatar he plays one of the two “suits” who inform Jake about his brother’s death and offer him to do his brother’s job on Pandora.

He’ll also appear in the season 5 premiere of The Mentalist which airs tomorrow.

I’m very grateful for this nice answer. Thank you very much, Jon!

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Scott Wolf

15.09.11 – 01.09.12

Scott Wolf (Casey Stratton alias Jonathan Cole / NCIS)

3/3 photos signed

Woooooohoohooo! Yay yay yay, I looove this success! When Stratton first appeared in NCIS I was more concerned about EJ but at the latest in “Housekeeping” I became a fan of this role. In my opinion he makes a extremely dangerous enemy because he has a so young, innocent looking face, as if he couldn’t hurt a fly. But of course it isn’t all about the look, or I should rather say, about the physical appearance, because actually it’s about the look. Scott Wolf has such a strong presence/aura; in the season 9 finale, when Gibbs decides that they need Cole’s help and he’s lead through the HQ and shoots a glance to the team – that look alone left me stunned! And then his way to handle Gibbs, both in the end of “Housekeeping” and of course in “TDDUP” – priceless! I guess it speaks for itself that the bomb exploded, the team being inside, and Ducky suffered a heart attack and all I worried about was that Cole somehow got away (one possibility, I’m afraid only for people who know German – I’m gonna translate it some day). I still really really hope it! Finally another bad guy with potential. I mean, Dearing is just plain bad, Paloma bad but blinded by revenge, Alejandro subtle bad but really screwed it up by coming forth too soon and through his anger issues and… oh, and by killing his sister of course ;). La Grenouille was boring bad… so the one really dangerous, spine-chilling bad guy so far with whom you never knew (until he was killed -.-) was Ari (unless I forget another one, but that should speak for itself). I think Cole had or hopefully still has has a similar potential and I really really hope he’s still out there 😉

But of course I don’t dare to expect it, although I just got this autograph via the NCIS set.

Anyway – you can see that I’m totally stunned and happy about this autograph, especially since I haven’t seen many authentic autographs from him lately (most of them are PPs, and from a few years ago). He was one of my most wanteds, and I’m absolutely thrilled! 🙂

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Liisa Evastina


Liisa Evastina (Alina Rostoff / NCIS & NCISLA)

1 photo signed and personalized

At the beginning of the week I got a very nice repsonse from Liisa Evastina, who plays Alina Rostoff in the NCIS episode “Legend” and later in NCIS:LA “Pushback”. Like probably most people after the first ep I thought Alina was somehow involved in the shooting of Callen, and I was surprised that she tried to warn him – and that she turned out to be his foster sister. It’s too bad that then it was already too late for her. I’d have loved to see the two of them catch up and maybe become a family again.

Thank you @Liisa for sending me this signed photo 🙂

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Brian Avers

22.01.10 (!) & 01.04.10 (!) – 16.08.12

Brian Avers (Special Agent Mike Renko / NCIS: LA)

2/2 & 2/2 photos signed and personalized

This, on the other hand wasn’t on purpose. My first request in January 2010 didn’t get to him, the second in April 2010 neither. Then in July 2010 I sent a letter via a stage play he did, and I got a lovely answer back then, in August 2010. Now a few days ago I got a message that my first two requests finally turned up. (*note to self: stop adding the same photos in different requests!)

Now I got another awesome response from Brian – thank you so much for your letter! Such a pity that they killed Renko by now! What a waste of an interesting character! 😦

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Jaime Ray Newman

24. & 25.05.12 – 14.07.12

Jaime Ray Newman (Chaplain Burke / NCIS)



3/3 and 2/2 photos signed

Well… first comes nothing and then two responses at once. I sent two letters to her via a film in Germany. First I wrote to the production company and later that same day a friend told me the actual film studio address. Since I didn’t know if the letter via the prod. company would reach her, I sent another letter the day after. Unfortunately I sent two of the photos from the first letter again, so I have 5 autographs now but only on 3 different photos. 😀 But of course that’s waaaay better than nothing! Especially because I loooved her role in NCIS, and how Chaplain Burke handled Gibbs and Tony, and the grieving and anxious father (but above all, Gibbs), and she immediately got on my most wanted list. I really hope she’ll be back on NCIS eventually.

Until then: Yaaaaaay! Very happy! 🙂

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Matt L. Jones

07.03.12 – 28.06.12

Matt L. Jones (Ned Dorneget / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed, both personalized

I got another terrific success yesterday, from Matt Jones, who plays clumsy Probationary Agent Ned Dorneget on NCIS. His character is so funny, he must be the most awkward agent in the show so far 😀 I very much enjoy his scenes and I hope Ned wasn’t killed in the explosion in the season 9 finale, and that he appears in more episodes in the next season!

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Ashley Scott

10.04.12 – 25.06.12

Ashley Scott (Emily Sullivan / Jericho & Dana Hutton / NCIS)

and a literally “cute” bonus:

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Still ill, obviously. But very very happy about these autographs! Especially since Jericho might be coming back. Very exciting!

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