Aneurin Barnard

August ’13 – 21.09.13

Aneurin Barnard (Richard / The White Queen)

Aneurin Barnard Aneurin Barnard2 Aneurin Barnard3

3/3 photos signed and personalized

This was a very quick success. I don’t know when exactly I sent my letter, but it was round about the season finale of the White Queen, so some time in late August. While I generally enjoyed the show I wasn’t that excited about it. There was only one character that I fell in love with, so to speak, and that was Aneurin’s character, Richard Duke of Gloucester. He did a great job playing this loyal brother – and his becoming king. Since I’m not too studied regarding history of England, it was a surprise for me that Richard made himself king after Edward died. I really enjoyed Aneurin’s acting (not to mention that he’s such a handsome guy! ;)) and I’ll certainly look for him in other british TV shows and movies now.
So I’m very pleased about these autographs 🙂

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Angel Coulby

05.11.2010 (!) – 20.09.13

Angel Coulby (Gwen / Merlin)

Angel Coulby3 Angel Coulby4

2/2 photos signed

Wow, this took very long, almost three years! Of course I had given up on this, and I got her autograph in the meantime, but I’m very glad that I got those back, because I really love the photos, especially the one with her orange dress.
I still think it’s a shame that Merlin ended (and that they really screwed up the ending)!

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Kara Petersen

19.08.13 – 11.09.13

Kara Petersen (D6 female tribute / Hunger Games)

Kara Petersen Kara Petersen2

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Today I got another success, another addition to my new Hunger Games collection. Kara played the female tribute of District 6 in the first HG movie. Not a big role, but what would blockbusters like that, be without the supporting roles 🙂 Very nice and quick success 🙂

You can see the full scans in the Hunger Games section (Other movies -> HG)

Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen

19.08.13 – 03.09.13

Patrick Stewart (Prof. Charles Xavier / X-Men) & Ian McKellen (Magneto / X-Men)

Patrick Stewart Ian McKellen2

1/1 photo signed by both

Wooooow! I never thought this could actually work. I had seen a success via this address from Patrick Stewart, so I decided to try and get both actors’ autographs on one photo. I had planned that before but if there was a chance to get both of them via one play, I missed it. Not this time, though. I admire both actors and love their iconic performance in X-Men, which is really moving and can teach a lesson that it is possible to respect an enemy (or, attenuated, respect someone who has a different or opposing opinion).

I’m so happy that Patrick Stewart got his colleague to sign this photo as well 🙂

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Amanda Plummer

22.07.13 (?) – 03.09.13

Amanda Plummer (Wiress / Hunger Games)

Amanda Plummer

1/1 photo signed

Well, that was a surprise… because I think this was one of the letters which I thought had gotten lost and mixed up. But I’m pretty sure, I only asked in my first letter if she would add a quote from her role Wiress. Also, in my second letter I added another photo (and she seems to sign everything via this address. So I’m pretty confused, but of course, happy about this autograph. As I mentioned in the post before the last, I can’t wait to see the second Hunger Games movie, and I’m really curious about her interpretation of Wiress. Can’t have been easy to play this role!

You can see the full scan in the Hunger Games section (Other movies -> HG)

Jennifer Morrison

05.08.13 – 03.09.13

Jennifer Morrison (Winona Kirk / Star Trek 2009)

Jennifer Morrison Jennifer Morrison2

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Yay, a great addition to my Star Trek collection, which is – slowly, but surely – growing. Of course, it’s still lacking the signatures which are more difficult to get, but maybe I need more patience. Really not my strength though 😀

I liked her short performance at the beginning of the 2009 Star Trek and I would have loved to see her again, but I guess one cannot have everything (and I certainly prefer more screentime for Zachary Quinto ;)) But I’m very glad that I got her autograph now 🙂

You can see the full scans in the Star Trek section (Other movies -> ST)