John Bell

22.05.13 – 23.07.13

John Bell (Bain / Hobbit)

John Bell

1/1 photo signed

This is actually a new one. His autograph I didn’t have before and really wanted it (since there aren’t many signatures missing in my Hobbit collection). I’m looking forward to seeing him as Bard’s son Bain in the second Hobbit film! He did a great job in Wrath of the Titans and I’m curious how he’ll do in such a blockbuster as the Hobbit!

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Jed Brophy

14.05.12 & 30.09.11 (!) – 20.07.13

Jed Brophy (Nori / Hobbit & Snaga+Elf+Rohir / LotR)

Jed Brophy2  Jed Brophy7Jed Brophy4 Jed Brophy5 Jed Brophy6 Jed Brophy3 Jed Brophy8

6 / 2*3 photos signed and personalized

Wow, now these were unexpected successes. Jed Brophy never signed during the main shooting of the Hobbit, and after sending my first letter in 2011, and having forgotten I did so, I sent another one in 2012. Earlier this year I sent a letter via his agency after there was a success posted via that. Then I got his autograph at the HobbitCon and was content with that… and on Saturday suddenly two letters from New Zealand arrived – both with 3 signed and personalized photos (which means it must have been the two letters from 2011 and 2012 that I sent via the Hobbit set). Now apparently I have a whole bunch of his autographs 😀 Including one exactly like the HobbitCon autograph. I’m more than content now 🙂 (although I assume that it’s possible that I’ll still get another success from him… I’m wondering what photos I sent there. :D)

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Luke Evans

01.06.13 – 17.07.13

Luke Evans (Bard / Hobbit)

Luke Evans6

1/1 photo signed

Yay, another one I already had, but another one I eagerly wanted on a Hobbit photo. When I first sent my requests, there wasn’t any photo of Bard, but now for the re-shoots there was and I decided to send it hoping to get his sig on a Hobbit pic. He kindly signed it – although apparently he wrote something else on the photo first. But that makes it allthemore funny 😀 Very happy about this success.

Weirdly, that is the second of four Hobbit successes after another, but no autographs from the US or Canada… I’m wondering if something keeps autographs from the US from arriving here… but maybe I’m just paranoid.

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Evangeline Lilly

06.06.13 – 11.07.13

Evangeline Lilly (Tauriel / The Hobbit)

Evangeline Lilly3

1/1 photo signed and personalized

Hurraaay! I definitively do not belong to the people who dislike characters in movie adaptations of books, which aren’t in the book. Many people seem to not like her in advance just because of that, without even giving her a chance. Considering how old the book is, I daresay it is likely that Tolkien would have created more (important) female characters in his books, if he had written them in different times. So I think there’s nothing wrong with giving a people more background and making viewers bond with them by creating additional characters. It would not have been necessary to give Tauriel some love story, but I don’t mind either. I wouldn’t even mind if it would be a dwarf (Kili, as rumor has it) who is smitten by this deadly elven warrioress. I certainly like her in the trailer, where she seems to be able to influence Legolas, and I’m looking forward to seeing this story line, and her in general!

I already had gotten her autograph via the main shooting of the movie, but as soon as the first promo pic came – which is, in my opinion, beautiful! – I knew I had to try to get her autograph on this pic too. I wish this photo would have been published then also, because I love that too… oh well… who knows what opportunities will be there in the future. For now I’m totally happy to have her signature on this nice Tauriel pic!

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Sendhil Ramamurthy

07.05.13 – 03.07.13

Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder Suresh / Heroes)

Sendhil Ramamurthy Sendhil Ramamurthy2

2/2 photos signed, one of them peronalized

I started watching the series Heroes because of Zachary Quinto, but in the first episodes he didn’t even appear (only as a shade, really), so when I really saw Sylar for the first time, in the meantime I already had found two other roles I absolutely liked, for whom I would have continued watching anyways: Peter Petrelli and especially Mohinder Suresh. Although Mohinder made me shake my head several times throughout the series – he seemed to make the wrong choice every time he had to make any choice 😉 – I continued to like him. Sendhil did a great job acting Mohinder and his struggle every time he partnered with people whom he rather couldn’t… or shouldn’t trust at all, and every time he realized that he had made the wrong choice.

I’m very happy about this autograph! Hopefully I get more from Heroes, eventually.

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