Andrew Leeds

20.11.12 – 31.05.13

Andrew Leeds (Christopher Pelant / Bones)

Andrew Leeds Andrew Leeds2

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Hell yeah! I didn’t expect to get this back since “Cult” wrapped in December, and got cancelled after the first season. Right now I’m not sure up to what episode of Bones I watched, but I still know I really enjoyed Andrew Leed’s performance as Pelant. What is freaking me out, is that Pelant felt like Bones’ very own Jim Moriarty (played by Andrew (!) Scott…) and now look at them. Somebody please tell me I’m crazy and just imagining the similarity!

I’m really happy about this unexpected success and I guess I’m gonna watch the rest of the show soon 😉 Funny how autograph successes can motivate me to start watching shows I actually stopped watching for some or no reason.

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Una Stubbs

02.05.13 – 23.05.13

Una Stubbs (Mrs. Hudson / Sherlock)

Una Stubbs Una Stubbs2

2/2 photos signed, one of them personalized

What a quick success from the lovely Una Stubbs, who plays Sherlock’s landlady Mrs. Hudson in the BBC series Sherlock. Mrs. Hudson is such an endearing character in this show, so cool how she handles Sherlock and she’s one of the few people Sherlock actually likes and cares for. One of my favourite scenes is when she emphasises that she is not his housekeeper in the first episode, or when she discovers the thumbs in the refrigerator, or the bullet hole-smiley in the wall 😀 Her appearances are mostly quite short, but so funny. I’m looking forward to seeing (hopefully) a lot of her in the third season.It’s my second “official” Sherlock autograph and I’m very pleased about this 🙂

Added the full scan to the Other TV shows section. I guess with my next Sherlock success I’ll create a new subpage. Hopefully soon.

Ben Cross

30.04.13 – 21.05.13

Ben Cross (Sarek / Star Trek 2009)

Ben Cross Ben Cross2

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Wooooohooo! I was hoping to get his autograph since I saw Star Trek ’09 last year. I absolutely love every single scene of him, beginning with the ones that aren’t even in the movie, but in the deleted scenes – when Amanda gives birth to Sarek’s son and the first thing he talks about is a naming suggestion, only to pause when Amanda doesn’t seem convinced at first. Even better, the “fight” between Amanda and Sarek after Spock got bullied and she asks him if Vulcans walk out on each other if they get completely disgusted by each other, and he increasingly puzzled answers “no” and she walks away. His looks are priceless. A few scenes in Star Trek into Darkness actually reminded me of this scene and his confused look 😀
And my third favourite scene is when Spock snaps after Kirk provokes him over his mother’s death and Sarek confesses that he married Amanda because he loved her.

It’s too bad we don’t get to see Sarek in STiD – I really would have loved to see a glimpse of New Vulcan (where he certainly was at that time).

I added the full scans to the Star Trek section (Other movies -> Star Trek). Thank you so much, Todd for helping me! Wouldn’t have gotten this success without you!

Eric Christian Olsen

? – 11.05.13

Eric Christian Olsen (Det. Marty Deeks / NCIS: LA)

Eric Christian Olsen

got a promo photo, signed and personalized – thank you, Danielle. I think this may have been that attempt where you sent off my letter for me, when I suspected that my previous requests from Germany got lost on their way)

Wow! Really, wow! I had given up on him a while ago, after I had tried to get his autograph five times between 2010 and early 2012. Not totally, I think I would have tried one more time when the new season would start, but I really did not have many hopes, especially not for the letters I already sent. So I was very surprised when I saw this big orange envelope – I usually send small photos and envelopes, and there aren’t any envelopes of this color here in Germany -, not my handwriting on it, and no stamp which would indicate from where it came. So when I peeked into the envelope, I couldn’t believe what I saw (and I must have looked really bewildered, my mum even asked what was the matter) 😀

I kinda liked Eric’s role in NCISLA from the first episode on, and though he’s a bit too much like Tony sometimes, too clownish, he’s at least a bit normal. A person like you and I, so to speak, not always-right-super-hero as the other two men on the team.

Which brings me to admit, that I haven’t watched NCISLA anymore since midseason… maybe now I’ll give it another try 🙂 In any case, it’s awesome to finally have obtained this Most Wanted autograph!

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Tom Hopper

16.01.13 – 06.05.13

Tom Hopper (Sir Percival / Merlin)

Tom Hopper Tom Hopper2

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Yay, I had hoped I would get his autograph eventually. He’s one of the few main characters in Merlin whose autograph I didn’t have. And if I’m not mistaken, the only knight who’s missing now is Eoin Macken, who, of course, seems impossible to get via mail. Maybe one day. One of my favourite episodes in Merlin is “Lamia”, which is pretty centered on the knights. Tom did a great job there (so did the others, of course), when Lamia bewitched all men except Merlin. I think Percival and Lamia were very cute together, they’d have made an adorable couple, if Lamia hadn’t been the villain of this episode 😀

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Jeri Ryan

17.12.12 – 04.05.13

Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine / Star Trek: Voyager)

Jeri Ryan Jeri Ryan2

2/2 photos signed

At first Seven was the character I liked least of all the ST: Voyager characters, but that might be because when I first saw the series, the TV station showed not all episodes and in a totally chaotic order (rather no order at all), and not further than half of the 5th season. So when they stopped the re-run, I had seen most of season 1-3 and then only a handful of 4 and 5, and Seven didn’t seem to fit at all. By now I know the entire series and I really like her. Same with Tuvok, btw, whom I didn’t like at first, but now I do. So I decided to give it a try an the first attempt to get Jeri’s autograph was successful, as you can see 🙂 A nice addition to my growing Star Trek collection.

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