Barry Humphries

16.01.13 – 25.02.13

Barry Humphries (Great Goblin / The Hobbit)

Barry Humphries

1/1 photo signed and personalized

Wow, I didn’t think I’d get this one back, considering that he was at this venue only for a few days and left shortly after my letter must have arrived. I guess it helped in that case, that I didn’t provide a SASE but an IRC – so that he could take the request with him to the UK and send it from there. The funny thing is, that there was no stamp at all on the return envelope. He just didn’t use the IRC but sent off the return envelope with the autograph without any stamp. So it’s my guess that he did that from the UK, but I can’t be sure.However, this makes a great addition to my Hobbit collection, and considering how hard his autograph seems to get, I’m extra happy about this. I have to admit, when I watched the Hobbit for the first time, the Great Goblin surprised me, and not in a positive way. But not negative either, just… surprising. I didn’t expect him to have humour, to be somewhat intelligent and to start singing 😀 Watching the movie for a second time, I began to enjoy this unexpectedly un-goblinish goblin role. He won’t be my favourite role in that movie (although he had a better presence on screen than Azog), but that’s acceptable.

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Samantha Barks

28.01.13 – 23.02.13

Samantha Barks (Éponine / Les Misérables 25th anniversary & movie)

Samantha Barks

1/2 photos signed and personalized

What a perfect timing! After complaning that the movie only gets released just now in Germany, while it already runs for two months in other countries, I just got my ticket for Monday. Finally gonna watch the movie! And a few minutes later the mailman came, and I only saw a stamp from the UK. I thought that it’s be funny if this was a response from Samantha – although there was nothing on the envelope to indicate that and I had sent quite a few letters to the UK recently. When I opened the envelope it made me smile. Indeed it was Samantha Barks. She has a beautiful signature.

I loved her performance in the 25th stage anniversary of Les Misérables. Éponine is the role I vicariously suffer the most with during the musical, and Samantha did a wonderful job in the stage version, and also in the few scenes of the movie one could see in the trailer. I’m really happy that she answered 🙂

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Sir Christopher Lee

11.02.13 – 16.02.13

Sir Christopher Lee (Saruman / LotR & Hobbit)

Christopher Lee

1/1 photo signed and personalized

And now the officially best autograph of the week and probably the month, and probably among the top 3 for 2013! I am sooooooooooooooooo stunned about this autograph. I mean, he really does not sign very often, and I was so disappointed when I read that the premiere of Night Train to Lisbon would be during this week. Since I had a meeting at work today I wasn’t able to take a day (or a few days) off during the week. Good for me, I guess, after this not entirely nice last weekend at the Berlinale. So I decided to write to him – thank you SO much Nicole for dropping me the clue where he would be staying. I almost forgot it (not that I wanted to write, but that the letter should arrive til Tuesday!) until I was at work on Monday. So I had to write and put in the letter after work. So I got home, thinking that the mailbox would be cleared at 17.15 o’clock… Wrote my letter and at 16.55 I drove to the mail box (on the bike, wo the nearest mail box just a few hundred meters – for the record, without scarf and gloves) – only to read that it had been emptied at 16.15. So I went to the next mail box – 16.30 – and to the next 16.30 as well… To make it shorter, I went 3 1/2  kilometres (7 in total, without helmet and scarf and gloves, because I had thought that I’d just go round the corner) and it was pretty freezing.

I really really hoped that I’d get his autograph, but what were the chances…! I’m sooooo happy now! I mean, this acting legend signed my photo, even personalized!!! Woooooooooooohoooo!!! 🙂 He’s soooo awesome in LotR and the Hobbit, and Star Wars, and I guess I have to see a few other of his movies now! 🙂

I so love his voice, and I don’t think I know any actor with a similarly strong voice. Ian McKellan is good, and there are some younger actors whose voices I adore and love and totally have a crush on (for the record: Benedict Cumberbatch, Richard Armitage, Zachary Quinto – alphabetical order), but such a strong voice? No, I don’t think I could come up with another actor. That’s why one of my favourite scenes of LotR is when Saruman brings down the Caradhras onto the Fellowship and he’s shouting these fine quenya words into the air. Wonderful! I wish he’d get such an ensnaring scene in the Hobbit too. Aren’t we supposed to see the White Council in action? Like in, defeating the necromancer? (hell yeah. Christopher Lee and Benedict Cumberbatch shouting at each other, that would be nice *lol*)

Anyways. I’m soooooooo excited about this autograph! *still dancing*

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William Kircher

27.11.12 – 15.02.13

William Kircher (Bifur & Tom / The Hobbit)

William Kircher William Kircher2 William Kircher3

William Kircher4 William Kircher5

2/2 photos signed + added 3 more signed photos!

Wow! I mean, this is a long expected and hoped for success, but it’s wow, because I “only” send my usual two photos and got back 5 and a short and nice note! He added one of Bifur close-ups, the pic of himself, and the one of him as troll Tom. Which I find totally amusing. Now I at least know who of the trolls is who (or at least, that the other two aren’t Tom :D.

He didn’t have such a big role in the first movie, but of course he’s one of THE dwarves, and I hope that we get to know the others a bit better in the next movies.

Still smiling about this very nice note and his kindness to add more pics!

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Alex O’Loughlin

17.12.12 – 12.02.13

Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett / Hawaii Five-0)

Alex O'Loughlin Alex O'Loughlin2 Alex O'Loughlin3

3/3 photos signed

This of course was a very nice success because it seemed to have broken my dryspell, hopefully for longer this time. And at least this week was more successful already. I’m very glad about his autograph. Already got his signature years ago on a Moonlight pic, the first series I saw him in – still think it’s a shame that they cancelled it! But of course H50 is a very nice series too. Although, I think if I had to choose, I’d prefer to get Moonlight back. But that’s not gonna happen, so I’ll be a loyal, or at the moment not so loyal viewer of Hawaii Five-0. 🙂

I didn’t get to scan the autographs yet, but will post them when I get to do it.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, James Franco, Hugh Jackman


Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Arthur / Inception), James Franco (Oz / Oz), Hugh Jackman (Jean Valjean / Les Misérables)

Joseph Gordon Levitt James Franco Hugh Jackman

collected in person

Okay, considering I got these three autographs, my trip to the Berlinale wasn’t a complete waste of time, as I posted elsewhere, but I was pretty frustrated for reasons I won’t discuss here – and no, that I missed quite a few of actors of whom I really wanted to have autographs, wasn’t the main reason.

But now, with a few days having passed since this not so pleasant experience, I feel more content about these three autographs I managed to get. My favourite is certainly Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s, who seems to be such a nice person!

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Jeffrey Thomas

15.01.13 – 01.02.13

Jeffrey Thomas (Thror / Hobbit)

Jeffrey Thomas Jeffrey Thomas2 Jeffrey Thomas3 Jeffrey Thomas4

2/2 photos signed, both personalized (with a note on one of the backsides), and he added a promo card for a play of his, also signed and personalized

Today I got such a lovely success, and very quick too. He was only on screen in the Hobbit for a few seconds, or all in all a minute, but he looked great as Thror, the great dwarf king of Erebor. I’m curious if we’ll get to see him in another flashback, maybe in the third movie when… well when a certain dwarf prince meets his fate.
This is certainly a better start of the month than for the last one.

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