Holliday Grainger

22.02.12 – 29.08.12

Holliday Grainger (Sophia / Merlin & Meg / Robin Hood)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

As you can see on the first photo, you see almost nothing. I was very glad when I learned that I had gotten her autograph, because she was great in “Merlin” and “Robin Hood”. I had seen her earlier this year on the Berlinale, but missed the chance to get her autograph back then, because I didn’t realize quick enough who she was. So when I got home I immediately wrote her 😉

Now I guess I’ll send her another letter, because as you can see, her signature on the Merlin photo was smudged and has already entirely faded away, which is too bad, because I mainly send her because of her appearance in Merlin and only chose the Borgias photo as a “filler”. I didn’t know the Robin Hood series back then. So I’ll probably use this slightly unfortunate success as an excuse to send another Merlin photo and one from Robin Hood. But of course I’m glad to have her signature after all.

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Liisa Evastina


Liisa Evastina (Alina Rostoff / NCIS & NCISLA)

1 photo signed and personalized

At the beginning of the week I got a very nice repsonse from Liisa Evastina, who plays Alina Rostoff in the NCIS episode “Legend” and later in NCIS:LA “Pushback”. Like probably most people after the first ep I thought Alina was somehow involved in the shooting of Callen, and I was surprised that she tried to warn him – and that she turned out to be his foster sister. It’s too bad that then it was already too late for her. I’d have loved to see the two of them catch up and maybe become a family again.

Thank you @Liisa for sending me this signed photo 🙂

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Stephen Lang

18.07.12 – 20.08.12

Stephen Lang (Col. Quaritch / Avatar & Cmdr. Taylor / Terra Nova)

2/2 photos signed

Wooohoo! Although he isn’t listed on my “top Most Wanted” list, it def. was one of my most wanted autographs. I love Avatar and all the cast, even the bad guys, and Stephen Lang did such a great job playing this coldblooded bastard Quaritch. Then, on the other hand (what made me like him as an actor even more), his role in Terra Nova. It was so funny when I looked into this series because of the dinosaurs, and then heard this very familiar voice greeting the newcomers. I *really really* expected this voice to say “you’re not in Kansas anymore; you’re on Pandora”, because this situation was SO similar 😀

For quite some time I doubted (probably thanks to Quaritch & Avatar) if Taylor was indeed the good guy as he wanted everyone to believe. Lang did a great job playing this seemingly ambiguous Commander. I’m glad Taylor turned out to be a good guy after all. It’s a shame that Terra Nova got cancelled!

I’m very glad that I got his autograph now. One of the rare cases I was very patient and had written to him only once before. 😀

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Ryan Cartwright

26.05.11 – 15.08.12

Ryan Cartwright (Vincent Nigel-Murray / Bones)

2/2 photos signed, one of them personalized

I didn’t expect to get this back anymore, but I’m very glad I did! I love all the Squinterns in Bones, and I think I wrote Ryan shortly after (is it that long ago already?!) his character on Bones, Vincent Nigel-Murray was killed. This episode and especially this scene was SO sad! I’m not entirely sure, but I think I actually cried.

I planned to watch Alphas back then, but I didn’t have the possibility, because my tv recorder doesn’t have this channel. Too bad! Maybe it runs in German TV some day and if I like it, I’ll just buy the DVD. We shall see.

Well, this was it for August so far. 🙂

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TJ Thyne

? – 16.08.12

TJ Thyne (Dr. Jack Hodgins / Bones)

sent an email request, received a signed Bones promo photo and a script of “Mummy in the Maze”, signed by him

This is certainly a big surprise! I knew that he kindly replied email requests, but I didn’t expect this “little light reading” 😀 which I’ll definitively enjoy! Hodgins is one of my favourite roles in Bones – and I take this success and the one I’ll post next as a broad hint to resume watching Bones 😉

I stopped when they took a break because of Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy. But now I’ll watch the second half of season 7 soon! 🙂

PS: I very much enjoyed his short appearance in NCIS, too!

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Brian Avers

22.01.10 (!) & 01.04.10 (!) – 16.08.12

Brian Avers (Special Agent Mike Renko / NCIS: LA)

2/2 & 2/2 photos signed and personalized

This, on the other hand wasn’t on purpose. My first request in January 2010 didn’t get to him, the second in April 2010 neither. Then in July 2010 I sent a letter via a stage play he did, and I got a lovely answer back then, in August 2010. Now a few days ago I got a message that my first two requests finally turned up. (*note to self: stop adding the same photos in different requests!)

Now I got another awesome response from Brian – thank you so much for your letter! Such a pity that they killed Renko by now! What a waste of an interesting character! 😦

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Martin Freeman

30.01.12 – 06.08.12

Martin Freeman (Bilbo Baggins / Hobbit)

1/2 photos signed and personalized

August seems to be the month of the autographs of actors from whom I already have autographs (and of Bones, but of that more later). In this case it was on purpose, because when I sent my first request to Martin Freeman, there weren’t any photos from the Hobbit. In the meantime there were and I wanted to have his signature on a Hobbit photo, too. I’m very grateful that he signed and personalized this photo! 🙂

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