Freddie Fox

22.03.12 – 28.03.12

Freddie Fox (King Louis XIII of France / The Three Musketeers)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Okay, this must be my fastest success ever (at least of the internationally sent letters). I liked his performance as this naive, clumsy young king in The Three Musketeers. Every scene with him was so funny – it’s a pity that the reviews weren’t that good for this movie and that there probably won’t be a sequel; I would have liked to see things change, as he said in the end of the film.

But I had to write to him for this performance 🙂

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Daniel Gillies

06.03.12 – 23.03.12

Daniel Gillies (Major Peter Malloy / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed, + a nice note

Right now I stopped jumping through my room, but I’m still over the moon. I loved Daniel’s performance in the NCIS episode “Royals and Loyals” so much, I guess I totally fell for his accent and the charming behaviour 😀 Since then I was so eager to get his autograph, but except via a convention it seemed impossible. He moved higher on my most wanted list – and now this. *squeeeeeeeeeal*

I love these autographs, I love this note (and that heart on the photo <3) … he seems to be such a nice guy! And so handsome 😀 Okay, I really should switch on my brain again, but I’m way too excited about this autograph ❤ ❤ ❤

Btw… I don’t watch The Vampire Diaries (yet) but since it’s very possible that I’ll do one day and since I liked the photo, I did send a TVD photo too.

Gonna shut up now, because I’m way too cheerful to write something reasonable 😀

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Damien Molony

12.03.12 – 22.03.12

Damien Molony (Hal / Being Human)

2/2 photos signed, wrote a nice note (posted only the signature, not the note)

After the season 3 finale of Being Human I really wasn’t sure if I’d continue to like the show, because Mitchell was my favourite character, but since George was still there and he was closely following second favourite, I decided to keep watching. Yeah well… until I learned that George would die too, in the season premiere 😀 Still, I was curious and was willing to give the new characters a chance, watched the 2nd episode – and immediately fell in love with Hal 😀

Hal and Tom make such a hilarious “couple”. Their relationship is so direct and I like that they butt heads quite often. The season got better and better with each episode. And I CAN’T wait to see the season finale, after this penultimate episode! I really hope both survive the finale and that there will be a 5th season, with both of them of course!. Until then, I’m very happy about these autographs and especially about the kind note.

Thank you so much, Damien!

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Michael Fassbender

18.07.11 – 21.03.12

Michael Fassbender (Magneto / X-Men: First Class; Stelios / 300)

3/3 photos signed, one of them personalized.

Woooho! I literally jumped when I opened that envelope. I had thought about sending Mr. Fassbender a letter since I saw him in 300, but didn’t – but after seeing X-Men: First Class, in my opinion the best X-Men movie so far, I just had to! I mean, I didn’t expect much from the movie after the Wolverine prequel, and because I had gotten used to Ian McKellen’s and Patrick Stewart’s faces as Magneto and Prof. X, that I seriously doubted that I would like the movie. I was so wrong! Fassbender and McAvoy are just brilliant together and I really really hope they’ll do a sequel to First Class.

But til then… I have those very nice autographs to delight in – the decications are marvelous. To write “peace” on the photo of a character for whom “peace was never an option”, is hilarious and cute 😀

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Rhys Ifans

22.02.12 – 17.03.12

Rhys Ifans (Xenophilius Lovegood / HP)

2/2 photos signed

This one, on the other hand, was a very quick success and I’m also glad about it, because I had already tried to get his autograph during the filming of Anonymous, but without success. In my opinion he’s the perfect cast for Xenophilius in HP; pity that his role was only so small.

I’m looking forward to watch Anonymous now, as soon as I get it on DVD or BD. I really like the photo he signed.

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Liane Balaban

05.10.10 – 17.03.12

Liane Balaban (Emma Mastin – NCIS: Los Angeles)

2/2 photos signed, both personalized, one with a spelling mistake though.

Wow, that’s the third success this year for a letter from 2010. Good to know that there’s still a small chance, despite the postage raises. I didn’t expect to get that one back, and – don’t take me wrong – I’m very glad that I got those autographs, but I now wish I had sent different photos. I don’t even know why I send the second one, when I already had a nice screenshot of her actual role in NCIS:LA. Too bad that the spelling mistake in the dedication is on the photo I like better.

Oh well, it’s a beginning 😀 Maybe if I win the lottery one day or have a spare canadian stamp, I send another request with the NCISLA photo *makes a note that she has to look for a photo from her role in Numb3rs too, that would be killing two birds with one stone (or rather two flies, I don’t wanna kill any birds ;D)

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Mackenzie Foy

22.02.12 – 16.03.12

Mackenzie Foy (Renesmee / Twilight & Lily Wilson / Hawaii Five-0)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

I usually don’t write to child actors, but I really enjoyed her performance in the Hawaii Five-0 episode Ho’apono where she played Lily, the daughter of a Navy Seal who holds a few tourists hostage after being accused of having murdered his wife – and in that situation Lily gets abducted. Mackenzie did a great job in that episode. And I also enjoyed her very short appearance in Breaking Dawn – I’m looking forward to her part in the second movie.

I added one full scan to the H50 section (Other TV shows -> Hawaii Five-0) and the other one to the Twilight section (Other movies -> Twilight).

Nathaniel Parker

08.12.11 – 10.03.12

Nathaniel Parker (Agravaine / Merlin & King Caspian IX / Narnia)


2/2 photos signed and personalized

Woooohoo! After a dryspell of one month, I got a new autograph today, on my birthday. Perfect timing to end that dry spell!

I wanted to obtain Mr. Parker’s autograph since I saw him in the british series Merlin, as Arthur’s sinister uncle Agravaine. I only realized later that he also appeared (for 5 seconds or so) in the 3rd Narnia movie, as Caspian’s father – obviously as in Caspian’s imagination while opposing the green mist.

It’s a pity that Agravaine’s storyline ended that way, I liked his subtle wickedness (and Arthur’s complete ignorance regarding his trusted advisor). However. I’m really glad that I got his autograph now and today 🙂

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