Oren Dayan

04.12.10 – 21.01.12

Oren Dayan (Karif Yasin / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

*giggle* First, I have to admit, I didn’t expect to get a reply anymore. But when I did today, I burst out laughing about the hilarious note on the back of the photo. Since I got various autographs on the back of the photo, I pretty much always put a post-it note on the back, to sign on the other side, which is, of course weird, because the majority of people does understand the purpose of a sent photo. But this is the first actual reaction to my note, and I think it’s awesome and hilarious. 😀 Also the inscription is very sweet, definitively one of my favourites =)

Oren played a guest role in the episodes Enemies Foreign and Domestic in NCIS, Karif Yasin one of the three people who tried to kill Eli David, but obviously failed. Karif Yasin got arrested and interrogated. That interrogation scene was a very strong performance from Oren, that’s why I decided to write him.

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Ben Daniels

29.12.11 – 19.01.12

Ben Daniels (Tristan / Merlin)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Hurrah! I got another autograph today for my Merlin collection, from Ben Daniels, who plays the (probably future knight) Tristan in the last two episodes of season 4. I liked how Tristan and Isolde first opposed the king, first not knowing, then knowing who he was. T. & I. the smugglers, that’s a very interesting approach 😀 Anyways, the chemistry between them was awesome – and the season finale really heartbreaking[mark to read spoiler]. I’m looking forward to the next season now, and to seeing how Tristan handles his loss [mark to read spoiler].

Thanks @ Ben Daniels!

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Pauley Perrette

12.05.10? – 09.01.12

Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Wohooo! That came out of the left field. I found the envelope in a box on my desk (instead of on my desk itself with the other 3 autographs), apparently my mother put it there. Postmarked January 5, so it must have arrived at Jan. 9 or something. I have no idea which of my dozen requests led to this success, the mentioned date is only a guess… the most recent one I think.

I love it! I gave up on getting my photos signed after I got her signature on a promo photo – which was of course great, but I rather have autographs on photos that I choose, so getting those two back signed is soooo awesome! *dances* 🙂

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Daniel Dae Kim

12.10.11 – 14.01.12

Daniel Dae Kim (Chin Ho Kelly / Hawaii Five-0)

3/3 signed, 1 personalized

Yes! So at least half of my letters to the main cast arrived before the address became invalid. I love Hawaii Five-0, it has indeed managed to snatch the 2nd place of my favourite shows from NCISLA (and it’s gnawing at NCIS too). I love the entire main team of season 1 – not so sure about Lori yet – so I’m very happy to be able to add his autograph to my collection.

I only hope that there will be another working address for the show soon, I need to write to Mark Dacascos again (got an RTS), before they kill off Wo Fat. ;D

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Ciarán Hinds

29.12.11 – 14.01.12

Ciarán Hinds (Aberforth Dumbledore / HP & Firmin / Phantom of the Opera)

3/3 photos signed, 2 of them personalized

Yup, 3 photos… but the signature on the third is almost not visible on the scan (on the photo itself it’s better), so I didn’t upload it. I wanted to write to him for quite some time, but only when I was writing the letter, I realized – or rather read on imdb – that he played Firmin in the Phantom of the Opera. I don’t know why, but I would NEVER noticed that, although he has a recognizable face and I’ve watched PhotO so many times. Now that I know it, it’s clear and obvious 😀 Well, that was a pleasant surprise, and I added a PhotO picture to the two I had printed out earlier. He signed all three, yay. Btw. funny thing is: as a reward for my finished thesis I bought a couple of DVDs… the Nativity Story knowing that he was part of the cast, but then I looked at the other DVD just now. Guess who’s part of the “Amazing Grace” cast. Yup. 😀

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Richard Armitage

27.12.11 – 14.01.12

Richard Armitage (Thorin Oakenshield / Hobbit)

3/3 photos signed

As you can see, you see (almost) nothing 😉 Mr. Armitage doesn’t seem to own a good pen 😀 Just kidding. Although I had to start a search operation to find the signature on all three photos (looking at them for the first time I thought they were unsigned), I’m very glad to have gotten those autographs. Mr. Armitage on Hobbit pictures. Yay! 🙂

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