Martin Freeman

10.06.11 – 27.09.11

Martin Freeman (Bilbo / The Hobbit)

3/3 photos signed & personalized

Wow! What a month! I rarely got so many successes in one month before. And today one autograph I surely had hoped for. Martin Freeman, who played a small but funny part in “Love actually” (the only romance movie I, like… or love, actually 😉 ). But of course I also & mainly wrote to him because of his role as Bilbo Baggins in the upcoming Hobbit movies. Awesome that I got his signature now, although I kinda regret that I didn’t wait for Hobbit promo photos before I sent to him. Whatever! I’m so happy about this success! Maybe I’ll send to him again later, when there’s another promo pic of him as Bilbo, maybe not. The ones I don’t have sure have priority now. 🙂

I added the full scans of the photos to the Hobbit section.


Rupert Young

15.09.11 – 26.09.11

Rupert Young (Sir Leon / Merlin)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Yay! A great autograph month for me. I didn’t expect to get a reply so soon. Only 11 days, that’s close to the record, concerning my successes. I love the knights on Merlin, as I love the entire show, so I decided to try before filming would wrap (thanks @Dani for the information). Now I know that my letters got there in time… hopefully for Eoin Macken and Angel Coulby, too – sent to all three the same day. I’m totally looking forward to season 4 and I hope we see much more of the (old and new) knights in action. I’d love to see Sir Leon try and teach Gwaine a more knightly behaviour 😀 And I’m curious how he reacts when/if the King finds his old strength again. Will he be more loyal to him or to Arthur (of course I hope, to Arthur).

I already added the full scans to the Merlin section (other TV shows -> Merlin).

Graham McTavish

23.08.11 – 24.09.11

Graham McTavish (Dwalin / The Hobbit & Aleksei / NCIS)

3/3 photos signed & personalized

Only a short note now, don’t have much time. Mr. McTavish played one of the bad guys in the NCIS episode “Chimera” (one of the Russians who… oh I’ll let McGee explain: “pirates, who weren’t really pirates, were actually Russian sailors, who were on a covert mission to steal a navy research ship, that wasn’t actually a navy research ship, in order to get back nuclear weapons that we thought they didn’t think we had retrieved“)

But obviously there was a second, even bigger reason to write to him: He’ll play Dwalin in the (hopefully sooooon) upcoming “Hobbit” movies. Really looks like a warrior on the promo pic, doesn’t he? Can’t wait! I know, I’m repeating myself. Can’t help it. =)

I added 2 full scans of the photos to the Hobbit section and 1 to the NCIS section.

Luke Evans

22.06.11 – 21.09.11

Luke Evans (Apollon / Clash of the Titans & Bard / The Hobbit)

2/2 photos signed + added smale b&w

Hrhrr, I got another success from Luke Evans. Via his agency this time, because I sent there first but since I hadn’t seen a success via that address before and didn’t wanna miss the chance via venue, I sent both requests in a very short time instead of waiting. I’m very glad I got this one back, though, because he signed the picture of him as Apollon in Clash of the Titans, which I think is really impressive, and the Hobbit collage. Plus he added another b/w pic which he also signed. I uploaded only 2 thumbnails in this post, because the signature on the Apollon photo is so big, I would have had to post the entire pic here.

I added the full scans of (all three) photos and to the Hobbit section.

Adam Brown

13.07.11 – 19.09.11

Adam Brown (Ori / The Hobbit)

1/2 photos signed and personalized

This entire cast seems to be awesome and kind. Another dwarf-success and with dwarf wishes this time. I love the dedication null  I can’t wait to see the characters of all those dwarves on screen!

I already added the full scan of the photo to the Hobbit section  – password is the same as for the other subpages.

John Callen

08.08.11 – 16.09.11

John Callen (Oin / The Hobbit)

2/2 photos signed, added a letter & signed it

Wow, this is another awesome success from the “Hobbit” cast! I’m so glad about every single one of these autographs, because I just know that I’m gonna love the movie. And this reply was really special. He added a line that his role, Oin, will probably say in the film, as dedication. I love it! Did I ever mention that I can’t wait to see that movie? null

Very kind person – he even apologized in the letter that he does “not speak Deutsch”. So cool! null

I already added the full scans of the photos and the letter to the Hobbit section  – password is the same as for the other subpages.

Gena Rowlands

23.08.11 – 14.09.11

Gena Rowlands (Joann Fielding / NCIS)

2/2 signed

It was my second request to Mrs. Rowlands, since I didn’t get an answer for the first one last year – but this one was very quick! She did an excellent job slapping Gibbs… uhm, I mean, portraying his mother-in-law and mother of Shannon and Kelly. (And even though I’m not a fan of the more and more frequent family member-appearances on NCIS I’d be interested in a single (!) overkill episode, where daddies Gibbs, DiNozzo and David meet – I guess it could be funny if she came back for that, too)

I added only one full scan this time to the NCIS section., I don’t dare to post the very beautiful b/w picture.

Richard Wilson

05.07.11 – 08.09.11

Richard Wilson (Gaius / Merlin)

2/2 photos signed and personalized + kindly added another one

Ha, just yesterday I mentioned my request in the success post of another collector, but I didn’t really expect to get something back, anymore, because the play that Mr. Wilson directed, and where I sent my request, ended in mid July. I’m very glad about this success, another piece for my Merlin collection, which now contains the autographs of 7 actors. Which reminds me that I need to write to Angel Coulby! And autographs of a few more knights of Camelot would do well, too. 🙂

I already added the full scans to the Merlin section (other TV shows -> Merlin).

edit: actually it’s 8 Merlin autographs. I forgot John Hurt whose signature I put only in the HP section, but of course he also dubs the Dragon on Merlin. Moved one of his autographs to the Merlin section and since I was moving things anyway, I moved one of the Alimi Ballard autographs from the Numb3rs to the NCIS section.

Stephen Fry

10.06.11 – 07.09.11

Stephen Fry (Dr. Gordon Wyatt / Bones & Master of Laketown / The Hobbit)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

“But it does move.” (Galileo)
Oh, wrong subject. After this funny little episode I grinned when I got mail today and saw a letter from New Zealand. But there was noone around whom I could have told: “See, I am psychic!” 😀 So I silently opened the envelope and wasn’t surprised but glad, when I found these two photos signed by Stephen Fry. He’s terrific in Bones and I’m looking forward to seeing him as the greedy Master of Laketown in the Hobbit.

I added one full scan to the Hobbit section and the other one to the Other TV shows section. Also I moved two of the scans of Aidan Turner’s autographs from the Other TV shows section to The Hobbit, because, though I wrote to him because of Being Human, I wouldn’t have known him and that show at all, if I hadn’t heard, that he’d be part of the Hobbit, and was curious about his other work.

Ken Stott

08.08.11 – 06.09.11

Ken Stott (Balin / The Hobbit & Marius Honorius / King Arthur & Badger / Narnia: PC)

3/3 photos signed.

Okay, double fail by me, regarding this success. 1st: Yesterday a fellow collector posted a success from Stephen Fry, to whom I had also written, and when a letter from New Zealand came, I boastfully told them (before opening the mail) that I knew exactly from whom this autograph was: Stephen Fry. Haha! Obviously, it wasn’t him but Ken Stott – that was kinda funny. And 2nd: Why the hell didn’t I send him a photo from King Arthur, one of my favourite movies? I know that I looked for photos of his animated role in the Chronicles of Narnia, but apparently I didn’t search for photos of Marius Honorius, because when I googled yesterday, that was one of the first photos that appeared. That kinda bugs me, perhaps I’m gonna send another request. But not in the next weeks, maybe shortly before “The Hobbit” gets released. We’ll see. But of course I’m very happy about this success!

I already added the full scans to the Hobbit section (you find it by putting the cursor on the Lord of the Rings section – password is the same as for the other subpages).