Alicia Coppola – amazing success

Okay, I thought I’d have calmed down by now, but I’m still totally over the moon with this.
Last year in August I decided to build up a fanpage for my favourite actress, Alicia Coppola (Jericho, Crossing Jordan, NCIS, Profiler, National Treasure II…). Shortly after I had made the site public I had written her a letter, asking if she’s okay with me making such a website – you never know. Some actors don’t want something like that. So I wanted to make sure.

I got no response, so I assumed that she would have put in a veto if she didn’t want a fanpage. I continued uploading galleries of her roles, and posting news and when the site was more or less complete (with more than 30 galleries of her roles) I sent her another letter in January this year, with a questionnaire, containing 10 questions of me and other fans.

But I didn’t get anything back. Then a few weeks ago, a friend of mine, the webmaster of the Rudolf Martin fanpage, encouraged me to try again – and above all because a few autograph requests to other actors, that I had send around the same time in January had gotten lost, I send the (updated) letter, in which I had told her about the current status of the page, and the questionnaire again.

And 2 days ago I got an amazing reply! null

She had actually answered all 10 questions, and – what’s even more important to me – she commented on the page:

Hi Nele -
You are doing a wonderful job on the site - truly. I appreciate your time and the work you've put into it - its dignified and very well done. I thank you for that. Keep up the GREAT work! Love - Alicia =)

You can imagine, how thrilled I am!

I won’t post the questionnaire here, but already did on the fan page of course!

Here’s her note and here her answers to the questionnaire

Jessica Steen

June 2009 or May or June 2010 (!) – 25.07.11

Jessica Steen (NCIS Special Agent Paula Cassidy / NCIS)

3/3 photos signed and personalized

Now, that’s a success I didn’t expect anymore. When I went to our mail-box I immediately knew that it had to be an older request, because I haven’t used the long envelopes (100 x 210 mm instead of 114 x 162 mm) anymore for quite some time. Actually I had given up hope to get Jessica’s autograph, because I had tried it 3 times via her agency in the US, her management in Canada and via a TV show in Canada. I was all the more surprised to get an answer to one of the requests now. I really liked her role in NCIS and I think it was a pity that Agent Cassidy got killed (just to drive the relationship between Jeanne and Tony forward).

I already added the full scans to the NCIS section.

Luke Evans

28.06.11 – 25.07.11

Luke Evans (Apollon / Clash of the Titans & Bard / The Hobbit)

2/2 (3) photos signed, one of the personalized

Okay, that’s a most embarrassing success 😀 I actually turned red when I opened the letter: Normally I doublecheck every request, if I put the right photos and letter in the envelope – apparently not this time. I remember that I first put two photos in the request for Luke Evans and two in the request for Henry Cavill – and then decided to put in a third photo in both, because I just liked the photos and couldn’t just leave them unused. But apparently I didn’t put the Luke Evans photo in the Luke Evans envelope and the Henry Cavill photo in the Henry Cavill envelope, but each in the wrong envelope. I only realized that today, when I got two autographs from Luke Evans and discovered the Henry Cavill photo – unsigned, of course. How embarrassing! I’m so glad Luke just laughed that away (he wrote “This one isn’t me :)” – with a smiley – on the back side of that wrong pic) 😀 But still: Ooooooops! *still red* 😀

I already added the full scans to the newly created The Hobbit section (you find it by putting the cursor on the Lord of the Rings section – password is the same as for the other subpages).

Eli Danker

22.06.11 – 14.07.11

Eli Danker
(Mossad Officer Michael Bashan / NCIS & Karim Akbari / NCIS: LA)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Yey! Another dry spell ending! I only hope that now the autographs come more regularly again. I hate dry spells. So thanks to Eli Danker, who played the stern Mossad Officer in the NCIS episode “Shalom” and the bad guy Karim Akbari in the NCIS: LA episode “Callen, G.”. I think the inscriptions are really kind! A nice addition to my “Mossad Officer” collection, which only lacks Arnold Vosloo and Eyal Podell now (the latter of whom I wrote to, too, recently).

I already added the full scans to the NCIS section.