Joel Gretsch

07.08.10 – 25.09.10

Joel Gretsch (Stan Burley / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Well, this month seems to be a month of NCIS. Another cool success. Joel played the NCIS agent Stan Burley who was a former member of Gibbs’ team – before DiNozzo and co joined the team. Joel/Stan appears in an episode in the first season. I kinda liked this character, I’d like to know more about him but… again: they treat potentially recurring roles very carelessly. At least I managed to get his autograph now, that’s a good consolation 😀

I already added the full scan to the NCIS / NCIS: LA section.


Sean Murray

10.08.10 – 20.09.10

Sean Murray (Timothy McGee / NCIS)

1/2 photos signed and personalized

Oh my god oh my god oh my god, I still can’t believe that. And I don’t really know what to tell you… I’m soooo exited, I was (silently) squeaking for joy. I really thought my eyes and hears had failed me when my mother told me about this a couple of hours ago 😀
Because, well, Sean Murray’s autograph is SO hard to get, almost impossible, at least through the mail. He was one of my two most wanted actors; McGee grew on me over the last seasons of NCIS; while I liked Tony more in the beginning, by now McGee is my favourite of the three Gibbs-team members. So… I still can’t believe it 😀 I guess I have to say “Lucky me!!!” and “Thanks so much @Sean Murray!”

I already added the full scan to the NCIS / NCIS: LA section.

Rudolf Martin


Rudolf Martin (Ari Haswari / NCIS)

2 photos signed and personalized

Oh well, I just couldn’t resist. I know, I’ve got already three autographs from him, but when Silke offered me to get him sign another photo for me, when she was going to meet him in person, I just couldn’t say “no thanks” 😀 I mean, Ari’s the best bad guy in NCIS so far and considering that he’s dead for 5 years now and there were a lot of bad guys in this show, it speaks for it self that he’s still holding that title.
So now I’ve got another two autographs and I’m very glad about it, because these photos are so cool. Thanks a lot, Silke!

I already added the full scan to the NCIS / NCIS: LA section.

Gretchen Egolf

10.06.10 – 01.09.10

Gretchen Egolf (Det. Andrea Sparr / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

“Stakeout” is one of my favourite episodes in season five and since it is known that I often favour the roles that defy the main cast, it’s no surprise that I also liked Det. Andrea Sparr in this episode. NCIS needs more recurring guest roles… they should bring back some of the characters that appeared in earlier episodes. I’d like Det. Sparr (and some others) to return. Well, I’m glad that I got her autograph now.

I already added the full scan to the NCIS / NCIS: LA section.