NCIS: LA – Cast

10.12.09 – 27.01.10

NCIS: LA – complete cast (except Adam Jamal Craig, who got written out of the show before my request got forwarded)

Barrett Foa – Eric Beal

Chris O’Donnell – G. Callen

Daniela Ruah – Kensi Blye

Linda Hunt – Hetty Lange

LL Cool J – Sam Hanna

Peter Cambor – Nate Getz

photo signed by 6 members of the cast

Okay, do I have to say more than “Woooooooooohooo!!!” it’s the best success I ever had; I’ve already had the autographs of Barrett, LL and Peter but this is simply amazing!!

Joe Spano

?.?.09 – 27.01.10

Joe Spano (Tobias Fornell / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed

This was a perfect day regarding autographs. I think it’s veeery hard to beat. Though I already had gotten Joe Spano’s autograph a couple of days before, it still is a huge success for me, since I finally have photos signed by him.

Ralph Waite

03.01.10 – 25.01.10

Ralph Waite (Jackson Gibbs / NCIS)

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Giovanni Ribisi

bought 22.01.10

Giovanni Ribisi (Parker Selfridge / Avatar)

1 signed photo

Ralph Waite

15.10.09 – 11.01.10

Ralph Waite (Jackson Gibbs / NCIS)

sent a lovely letter

Michael Sheen

10.12.09 – 09.01.10

Michael Sheen (Aro / Twilight)

2/2 photos signed

Equivocation Cast

03.12.09 – 08.01.10

Equivocation, program, signed by:

Patrick J. Adams (Tommy Doyle – NCIS) / Joe Spano (Tobias Fornell – NCIS)

Brian Henderson / Harry Groener

Thanks a lot to Jill!!

I was SO happy when this magazin arrived. Finally my very own Joe Spano autograph, which I had tried to get very eagerly and never succeeded. I had bought a small index card with his signature before, but of course that wasn’t the same.