…my most wanted autographs

My priorities have changed a bit – time for a new list. You can find the old ones below.

So, it’s been a while that I updated my Most Wanted list. Here’s the one for the second half of 2016 and beyond 😉

  1. Karl Urban
  2. Dominic Monaghan
  3. Tom Hiddleston
  4. John Cho
  5. Bruce Greenwood
  6. Liv Tyler
  7. Bret McKenzie
  8. Emma Watson
  9. Michelle Borth
  10. Jena Malone
  11. Chris Hemsworth
  12. Richard Madden
  13. Daisy Ridley


My list for 2014:

Top 8
1. Karl Urban
2. Dominic Monaghan
3. Anton Yelchin
4. John Cho
5. Sean Astin
6. Bruce Greenwood
– Liv Tyler
– Bret McKenzie

and as supplement to Top 18:
– Emma Watson
– Michelle Borth
– Louise Brealey
<– got her in August 2015!
– Mark Gatiss
<– got him in May 2014!
– Donald Sutherland
– Claire Forlani
– Jacqueline Obradors
– Jena Malone
– Chris Hemsworth
– Winona Ryder

I have made a new list for my 2013 most wanteds. The other one from the lists below are still eagerly desired, but these are the top 20 for 2013:

Top 10
Benedict Cumberbatch –> got him in December!
Lee Pace –> got him in January!
Zachary Quinto (personalized) –> got him in March!
Dominic Monaghan
Sir Christopher Lee –> got him in February!
Karl Urban
Eric Christian Olsen –> got him in May!
Lauren Holly
Orlando Bloom –> got him in December!
Peter Jackson –> got him in December!

and as supplement to Top 20:
Enrique Murciano
Claire Forlani
Jacqueline Obradors
Anton Yelchin
Ben Cross –> got him in May!
Brad Beyer
Masi Oka
Sendhil Ramamurthy –> got him in July!
Milo Ventimiglia –> got him in January 2014!
Brad Dourif –> got him in November!

Here’s my top 20 most wanted list from September 2012 – not necessarily in that order:

1. Eric Christian Olsen
2. Lauren Holly
3. Claire Forlani
4. Brad Beyer
5. Sigourney Weaver (on a movie pic)
6. Benedict Cumberbatch
7. Lee Pace
8. Enrique Murciano
9. Wendy Makkena
10. Liam Neeson
11. Jacqueline Obradors
12. Zachary Quinto
13. Karl Urban
14. Dominic Monaghan
15. Miranda Otto [got her in December 2012]
16. Sam Worthington
17. Emma Watson
18. Victor Webster
19. James McAvoy (on a photo from a movie)
20. Peter Jackson

~~ the old list ~~

Below is the old list that’s almost done. Here’s my new most wanted list (date: January 2011) – (updated May 2011) (updated August 2011) (updated April 2012) Not necessarily in that order. (updated September 2012)

1. T.J. Ramini <– got him April 2011
1. Daniel Gillies <– got him in March 2012
2. Claire Forlani [new Most Wanted]
3. Jacqueline Obradors
4. Eric Christian Olsen
5. John Francis Delay
6. Lauren Holly
7. David Boreanaz
8. Jonathan LaPaglia <– got him May 2011
8. Dylan Bruno <– got him February 2014
9. Liam Neeson
10. Brad Beyer
11. Sigourney Weaver
12. James McAvoy (on a photo from a movie) [new Most Wanted]
13. Helena Bonham Carter [new Most Wanted]
14. Wendy Makkena [new Most Wanted]
15. Enrique Murciano [new Most Wanted]
16. Jaime Ray Newman [new Most Wanted] <– got her July 2012
17. Sam Worthington [new Most Wanted]
18. Karl Urban [new Most Wanted]
19. Benedict Cumberbatch [new Most Wanted]
20. Scott Wolf [new Most Wanted] <– got him September 2012

~~ the oldest list ~~

1. Joe Spano <– got him in January 2010
1. Susanna Thompson <– got her in May 2010
2. Alicia Coppola <– got her in February 2010
3. Michelle Nolden <– got her in March 2010
4. Pauley Perrette <– got her in December 2010
5. Sean Murray <– got him in September 2010

I think I already said that 2010 is the most wonderful autograph year I had so far.

Yeah, I know, I listed number 1 two times, but I really can’t decide between Susanna Thompson and Joe Spano. I tried both of them so often without success; Alicia Coppola and Michelle Nolden I got more quickly and after far less tries. Pauley Perrette is some kind of long-time most wanted. She was in fact the first NCIS actor I wrote to, and the one I wrote to most often. So I really hope for a success there. <– got her, too. Unbelievable. Now I have the entire NCIS main cast (except Lauren Holly)!
Sean Murray would be great!! I like him very much in NCIS, but since he never seems to sign ANYTHING I don’t have high hopes. <– Oh boy! I got his autograph, I got his autograph, I got his autograph *yipiih!*

And then there are some actors and actresses whose autographs I really want to get, too, but not on the same extremely, extremely, extremely (I hope I made my point) high level as 1-5:

Main cast

Rocky Carroll, as the newest member of the main cast, is nevertheless on my most wanted list. I love the dynamics between his character, Leon Vance and Gibbs. <– got him in December 2010.
Lauren Holly… well… I never liked her character in NCIS but still Jenny Shepard was an important part of the show and I somehow enjoyed not liking her, so I’d be really glad if I got her autograph as well!

Supporting cast

Louise Lombard – I loved her character, Lara Macy, in the two pilot episodes. She would have been a great counter part to Gibbs in potential crossover episodes and I would have loved to see her as the leader of the LA team. But thanks to the writers she got written out and now even killed off… *grumbles* Well, I want her autograph nonetheless!! Oh, and I really liked her in “Hidalgo”! She’s amazing playing these extremely arrogant characters!
Diane Neal – She only appeared in one episode of NCIS, but I kind of liked her role, Abigail Borin, even though the character only seemed to be a cheap copy of Hollis Mann. A pity, it would have been nice to see a more distinct character, because Diane Neal was doing a great job! <– appeared in another episode in January 2011, loved her performance there. Got her autograph in January 2011.
Jessica SteenPaula Cassidy… another character that I liked needlessly killed off. She did a damn good job and in my opinion she shouldn’t have been sacrificed for Tony’s relationship to Jeanne *grumbles again* <– got her in July 2011
Jaime Murray – Okay, Julia Foster-Yates wasn’t killed off but never got another appearance, Too bad, I liked this woman – and I’ve got to mention that she’s the reason I started watching Dexter! <– got her in August 2010
Jacqueline Obradors – Yey, this time not another female agent… but a female villain. Finally! 😀 Well, I assume that Paloma Reynosa will be killed in season 8, I guess coexistence of her and Gibbs is no longer possible… but I really hope that she’ll be around at least for a couple of episodes and with a lot of screentime.

Brian Avers – Well, finally a male actor 😉 His character in NCIS being a good guy came right out of the left field for me in the pilot episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles. That really made a dent, because usually I see things like that coming. I like Agent Mike Renko and I hope that he’ll return more often in season 8. <– got him in August 2010
Marco Sanchez – I really liked his role in NCIS. Bad guys are cool but this twisted role Alejandro Rivera, who acts secretly in the open, is just cool. I’d love it if he’d escape from prison. Marco Sanchez did a great job, especially in 7×24 and 8×01! <– got him in December 2010

I just noticed that all of them are NCIS cast… oops!
So I just add a couple of other names, whose autographs are at least “eagerly wanted!”

Avatar: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez
Numb3rs: Dylan Bruno
Harry Potter: Ralph Fiennes, Alan Rickman, Natalia Tena
Narnia: Liam Neeson, Pierfrancesco Favino, Alicia Borrachero
LotR: Hugo Weaving

Well, you might just take a look at my request page. At least since I restarted collecting in the end of 2005 I didn’t send a request to an actor whose autograph I didn’t want, so… no need to extend this list here. To “complete” my NCIS collection is my main objective at the moment.

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