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! Important ! Because of problems with the copyright I can’t show the entire pictures any more. But I still want to share the autographs themselves, so I’ll still blog the signatures. The entire photos are visible in their categories – to those who know the password… if you want to see them, too, just send me an email to fantasy-autographs@gmx.de – or send me a private message whereever you found the link to this homepage…

About my hobby:

I began to collect autographs early, at the Faber Grand Prix, a tennis tournament in Germany with top-class players. Well I *really* started collecting at the RingCon 2004 in Bonn. Since then I tried to get autographs of actors and actresses almost exclusively. I don’t have one specific field of interest. I began with the main cast and supporting actors of the Lord of the Rings – the supporting actors and stunt men often are friendlier than the main cast.

By now I have collected round about 150 autographs, most of all of actors from fantasy movies like the Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, but also of some TV-shows like NCIS and Numb3rs. My favourite collection is without any doubt NCIS / NCIS: Los Angeles; I’ve got autographs from 20 actors and actresses of these two shows which is – in my opinion – not bad. The collection includes the main cast of NCIS: LA except Adam Jamal Craig, and the main cast of NCIS except Pauley Perrette, Sean Murray, Rocky Carroll and Lauren Holly. But of course I hope to get their autographs as well some day.

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2 thoughts on “About… this page

  1. How did you manage to get Michelle Nolden’s autograph? Is there a way, I could get one myself? I’m in England, too. So it might not even be possible. But if there is one, then please let me know! Thanks! x

    • I wrote to Michelle Nolden via her agency; I’ll mail you the address, though I don’t know, if it’s still valid, cause I sent my request there in 2009.

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