Rachel Nichols

18.06.13 – 13.08.13

Rachel Nichols (Gaila / ST 2009)

Rachel Nichols Rachel Nichols2 Rachel Nichols3

3/3 photos signed and personalized

Although she’s only seen shortly, I genuinely liked her role Gaila in the 2009 Star Trek movie. She was certainly a match for womanizer Kirk, surprising him with her pillow talk, and her confession that he wasn’t exactly the first or only guy whom she was dating 😀 It’s such a shame that she (probably) got assigned to another ship (the USS Farragut?) – although her delight in this attribution scene was really cute – and got killed by Nero. I would have loved to see her again! With a cheeky tongue like that she even could have made Spock blush (don’t you dare reading anything X-rated in this statement!) *chuckle*

I added all three scans to the Star Trek section.


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