Jacob Kogan & Tim Russ

Jacob Kogan (young Spock / ST 2009) & Tim Russ (Tuvok / ST: Voyager)

Jacob Kogan Tim Russ


I purchased these two autographs, since I tried – so far unsuccessfully – to get Jacob’s autograph, and as for Tim Russ, I planned to write him eventually, but when the same seller offered this beautiful collage (you can see the full scans in the Star Trek section: Other movies -> Star Trek), I couldn’t resist. And I think for him a purchased signature is enough for me (while I’ll probably still try to get a personalized autograph from Jacob some day), so it’s a very nice addition to my ST collection. Slowly but surely I get the Voyager crew together. 🙂

Full scans are in the Star Trek section (Other movies -> Star Trek)


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