Luke Evans

01.06.13 – 17.07.13

Luke Evans (Bard / Hobbit)

Luke Evans6

1/1 photo signed

Yay, another one I already had, but another one I eagerly wanted on a Hobbit photo. When I first sent my requests, there wasn’t any photo of Bard, but now for the re-shoots there was and I decided to send it hoping to get his sig on a Hobbit pic. He kindly signed it – although apparently he wrote something else on the photo first. But that makes it allthemore funny 😀 Very happy about this success.

Weirdly, that is the second of four Hobbit successes after another, but no autographs from the US or Canada… I’m wondering if something keeps autographs from the US from arriving here… but maybe I’m just paranoid.

Added this photo to the Hobbit section


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