Ben Cross

30.04.13 – 21.05.13

Ben Cross (Sarek / Star Trek 2009)

Ben Cross Ben Cross2

2/2 photos signed and personalized

Wooooohooo! I was hoping to get his autograph since I saw Star Trek ’09 last year. I absolutely love every single scene of him, beginning with the ones that aren’t even in the movie, but in the deleted scenes – when Amanda gives birth to Sarek’s son and the first thing he talks about is a naming suggestion, only to pause when Amanda doesn’t seem convinced at first. Even better, the “fight” between Amanda and Sarek after Spock got bullied and she asks him if Vulcans walk out on each other if they get completely disgusted by each other, and he increasingly puzzled answers “no” and she walks away. His looks are priceless. A few scenes in Star Trek into Darkness actually reminded me of this scene and his confused look 😀
And my third favourite scene is when Spock snaps after Kirk provokes him over his mother’s death and Sarek confesses that he married Amanda because he loved her.

It’s too bad we don’t get to see Sarek in STiD – I really would have loved to see a glimpse of New Vulcan (where he certainly was at that time).

I added the full scans to the Star Trek section (Other movies -> Star Trek). Thank you so much, Todd for helping me! Wouldn’t have gotten this success without you!


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