Jeri Ryan

17.12.12 – 04.05.13

Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine / Star Trek: Voyager)

Jeri Ryan Jeri Ryan2

2/2 photos signed

At first Seven was the character I liked least of all the ST: Voyager characters, but that might be because when I first saw the series, the TV station showed not all episodes and in a totally chaotic order (rather no order at all), and not further than half of the 5th season. So when they stopped the re-run, I had seen most of season 1-3 and then only a handful of 4 and 5, and Seven didn’t seem to fit at all. By now I know the entire series and I really like her. Same with Tuvok, btw, whom I didn’t like at first, but now I do. So I decided to give it a try an the first attempt to get Jeri’s autograph was successful, as you can see 🙂 A nice addition to my growing Star Trek collection.

You can see the full scans in the ST section (Other movies -> Star Trek)


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