Star Trek into Darkness premiere (Berlin)

Photos of the actors are at the bottom of this blog entry, the scans of the autographs integrated in the text. If you want to see the full scans, just comment here or send me an email ( – you need to write something expressive as subject, otherwise the spam filter will eat your mail), and I’ll send you the password.

After the disappointment of the Berlinale (which, I have to admit, was still successful, considering I got three nice autographs, so in retrospect I’m pretty content with that), I had thought I wouldn’t want to go to another movie event, but as it so happened, I wanted to take two days off work anyways after finishing the next edition of the journal I work for, and Wednesday was a holiday in Germany, so taking off Monday and Tuesday was pretty perfect. Plus I had collected enough points with Deutsche Bahn that I could have one ride for free and the other for a reduced fee, so it didn’t cost me much.
So even when it was clear that Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t going to attend the German Star Trek into Darkness premiere, I still wanted to go, especially to see Zach in person, and to get Simon Pegg’s autograph.I already got Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto via mail (and the latter also through a wonderful person whom I can’t thank enough for that! *waves at Lindsay*). But of course I wasn’t gonna miss this opportunity to see still one of my favourite actors (I guess if there had been a second, Cumberbatch, that would have been an overkill ;)).
I arrived on Saturday because there had been a photocall announced for Sunday, 14 o’clock, in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Sunday morning Nicole sent me a short message that they moved the location and shortly after told me, where. Assuming it would still be at the same time, I went there only to learn a few minutes later that they had also changed the time and the photocall already happened at 10:30 in the morning. Since I didn’t have much else to do – of course I could have visited a few spots in Berlin, but I knew then in which hotel the actors were and there still was the chance to see them, as they had spent quite a lot of time outside on Saturday. Yes, I was so crazy to spent 5 or 6 hours in front of this hotel, going back and forth between the main entrance and the back door. But I didn’t see a glimpse of the actors. I learned later that Simon came out to give a few autographs and that Alice Eve came out for an interview and also signed a bit, but of course at these points I was at the back entrance, so I didn’t see them. The last bit of time I spent at the front entrance and missed a chance to see Zach. Somehow he managed to slip into the hotel right under everybody’s noses. He wore a cap which shadowed his face so only a few people recognized him, but too late, and most of us didn’t even see him because we were distracted for a second by something else.
Well, what an unsuccessful day – but weirdly enough I wasn’t disappointed at all. I had talked with a nice person half the time and it was sunny, and a nice day to spend outside, so somehow there was no disappointment. Also I had succeeded to leave my letters to Simon and Alice and Zoe at the reception, so maybe these would bring success.

But of course I hoped that the next day would be better, regarding autographs. Since I’m too green in IP collecting, I asked Nicole’s friends if I could accompany them on Monday, and thankfully they agreed. They planned to go there early, 11 o’clock in the morning already, to make sure that we’d get good spots. I set out for that direction at 10:30 but decided to give the hotel another try. So I stood there – this time completely alone – when a car with the Star Trek premiere logo arrived. I got excited, because the people who got out, didn’t enter the hotel but stood there as if they waited for something, or rather, of course, someone. And in fact a few minutes later more cars with the logo arrived and Alice Eve and Simon Pegg got out. Fortunately for me two autograph hunters (no, I don’t like dealers, but in this moment they had their use) were there, because I wouldn’t have recognized Alice Eve 😀 and two other people held up Simon Pegg, so I got Alice’s autograph first and then reached Simon in time before he could enter the hotel and got his signature as well.

Alice Eve3 Simon Pegg

Alice had signed on the wrong page: I had put the photo into a note book and instead of signing the photo she signed the blank page and stated afterwards that she didn’t notice the photo *lol* oh well, but it was a start, and a good one too, considering that these two were the two of the five cast members attending, whom I didn’t have yet.
When there were no more cars coming and the other two people said that they had driven behind the cars and that they all started together, it was clear that the other actors had entered the hotel via the back entrance, so I left for the Sonycenter to claim my spot at the fence where the others were already standing. 😉
I leave out the next 7 ½ hours because it was mainly boring, waiting waiting waiting. Oh, and annoying… it’s incredible how annoying some people can be. There was one person in particular who wouldn’t stop talking. I’m glad I a) brought a book and b) my music, so I could put in my earwigs and try to drown out the brainless drivel with that. Not always successful, but partly.
The only interesting thing was when some people prepared the fences etc, and put these large STiD premiere banners on the metal fences, and I asked one of them, if we could get one these things after the show, and he said he didn’t know, because some of them would be used for the aftershow party, but we should ask again when they detach these things after the show.

Then the cast came. Well, first came some “celebrities” (with big “”)… one can’t even say they’re B-list celebrities, they must be Z-list celebrities which nobody knew. But then, finally, JJ Abrams. He got out of the car and right to one of the “studios” they had build (one of these big white bridge imitations), to be interviewed. And then, of course, he went to the farthest end of the fences and began to write autographs and make photos. That was the most incredible thing. Not only of him, but the entire cast attending: they were SUPER patient. But JJ was exceptional. He must have spent 1-1 ½ hours signing autographs and taking picture, with and for everybody who asked. Wow. But they all took their time. I lost my sense of time but I guess all actors spent 40 minutes outside. Of course, with a few minutes for the press, but they signed a lot!
First to arrive was… uhm, good question. I think it was Zoe, but I’m not sure. [edit: no, according to my photos Zach came first, but I’m really not certain if Alice maybe was there before… I lost track] Zoe, as everybody of the cast, went to the other side of the black carpet first and we were really worried, but as I said and probably will say again, they signed so much and took their time.
The first to come to us, was Zoe and she signed my 8×10 picture of Kirk, Spock and Uhura.

Zoe Saldana4

After that, Zachary, who also signed the cast shot and, without me asking for it, the character pic (Spock in the volcano) which was right beneath the cast photo and jutted just a bit under it. Awesome 🙂

Zachary Quinto5 Zachary Quinto6

I asked him if I could get a picture with him and I got one. Don’t have it yet, so I’m not sure, but I think I look terrible on it (more terrible than usual ;( ) Such a shame!
After that, Chris signed the cast pic as well, so I had reached my main goal. I tried to get his sig on the character pic (Kirk running through these red plants) as well, but didn’t. Oh well, I really don’t care, I’m more than happy about the pic with three signatures.

Chris Pine2

Alice Eve also signed and this time I only held the picture in front of her, not the note book. She signed and even personalized it. Very nice.

Alice Eve

Simon Pegg then stopped signing a few people before us, promised to come back after the interview he had to do, but when he came back, he started signing a few people before us in the other direction and didn’t come back to us. And JJ Abrams? He was still busy somewhere on the black carpet and it took him another 15 minutes to get to us. Of course he signed for us as well and took a picture (or rather he had employed one of the security guys to take all the pictures) 😀

JJ Abrams

Then the actors did a bit for the press and the fans who stood between the press and the cinema entrance, and we decided to go to the back entrance of the cinema, and the security guys let us in and wait there behind the fence, where the actors were about to go up on the balcony. After waiting a bit, they came by us, one by one. First, I think, Alice, then Simon (both signed the small 6×4 pictures I still had), then Zoe, who signed the big character pic for me (Uhura standing there with a gun). [edit: wrong again… apparently it was too exciting to recall it correctly. According to my photos, Zoe came before Alice].

Alice Eve2 Simon Pegg2 Zoe Saldana3

Of course then I hoped to get Chris’ autograph on the character poster as well, but he stopped signing right in front of me. Pity, but I really can’t be disappointed, not even a bit. This evening went way too great!
And then Zach again (or actually Zach before Chris, I think). He also signed another small pic for me and I managed to take a pic, which I think is beyond cute – the last of the Zach photos at the bottom of this post :D).

Zachary Quinto7

After that we also managed to get Bryan Burk, the producer’s autograph. He signed the same pic for me which  JJ already had signed. So I really got everybody 🙂

Bryan Burk

We went to where they had parked their cars but there they got in without signing again and as I said, I can’t be disappointed about that and I’m not. This evening was super great. And there was gonna be an additional bonus for me: We went back to the black carpet, where the fences were being built back, and we saw that five girls just got these big banners. That was all, but then I asked the man whom I had asked before, to remember that, and apparently he did, so he said he didn’t have more for now, but we should wait. He did a big traraaa out of it and while the others gave up, I guess I was persistent enough and actually got one of the two more banners he came back with.
Isn’t that great? I guess the corridor between my bedroom and my living room will get a new outfit for a while 😀 [edit: *lol* nope… my corridor is way too small. I guess I’ll put it in my living room for a while then]

So you see, it was an absolutely successful adventure for me.
I only wish, Benedict Cumberbatch had been there too. I.MUST.GET.HIS.AUTOGRAPH! *sigh*

But now the photos:

DSC_8353b DSC_8383b DSC_8389b DSC_8398b DSC_8403b DSC_8407b DSC_8412b DSC_8416b DSC_8427b DSC_8431b DSC_8437b DSC_8438b DSC_8445b DSC_8449b DSC_8455b DSC_8457b DSC_8460b DSC_8481b DSC_8492b DSC_8497b DSC_8501b DSC_8505b DSC_8506b

(the envelope you see there is for a 8×10 pic, so you can imagine, how big this banner is)

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