Damien Molony

18.03.13 – 03.04.13

Damien Molony (Hal / Being Human)

Damien Molony4 Damien Molony5 Damien Molony6

3/3 photos signed and personalized, plus a short note

Another actor from whom I already got an autograph, but to Damien I sent another letter a year after I first got his autographs, because I loved the new (last) season of Being Human even more and there were a few new promo pictures I just had to have his signature on. He kindly signed them and wrote a note by which it was obvious that he remembered (or at least looked it up) – that I had written him before. Which is a bit embarrassing for me because I certainly did not think he would remember, otherwise I would have written only about the new season in the letter instead of also writing again about his joining the cast.

I just love his role in Being Human and think it’s a shame that the series ended. Although the ending was incredibly good, especially opposed to this poor ending (and these ridiculous last five minutes of Merlin)

Added the full scans to the Being Human section (Other TV shows -> Being Human)


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