Shane Boulton

28.01.13 – 15.03.13

Shane Boulton (Rivendell Elf, extra / Hobbit)

Shane Boulton  Shane Boulton2-kasphdosaghidugais Shane Boulton3-kashfoashgidfugasi

1/1 photos signed, answered my questionnaire

I decided to also collect autographs of a few extras of the Hobbit movies, as I did when I mainly collected LotR autographs. Shane was the first and (so far) only extra I wrote to and also sent a questionnaire, and I’m very pleased that he responded and answered my questions. I especially love the answer to the last question 😀

He also added a nice note telling me that he also was an elf in the Mirkwood army, a goblin, a body double for Lindir and a stand-in for Orlando Bloom (for one day). Sounds like fun!

I added the full scans to the Hobbit section (LotR -> Hobbit)


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