William Kircher

27.11.12 – 15.02.13

William Kircher (Bifur & Tom / The Hobbit)

William Kircher William Kircher2 William Kircher3

William Kircher4 William Kircher5

2/2 photos signed + added 3 more signed photos!

Wow! I mean, this is a long expected and hoped for success, but it’s wow, because I “only” send my usual two photos and got back 5 and a short and nice note! He added one of Bifur close-ups, the pic of himself, and the one of him as troll Tom. Which I find totally amusing. Now I at least know who of the trolls is who (or at least, that the other two aren’t Tom :D.

He didn’t have such a big role in the first movie, but of course he’s one of THE dwarves, and I hope that we get to know the others a bit better in the next movies.

Still smiling about this very nice note and his kindness to add more pics!

Added the full scans to the Hobbit section


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